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Stick there and prove that he can't play before you move them around. But i think he's a he's a good move and player. I think he's physical He's good up at the second level. I think he's smart. I think the ceilings the arrows pointing out for this guy. Craig let you pick between jalen. Mayfield vary tucker. I personally like elijah tucker better. But here's the part that's going to make this. Most were most worthwhile. The bears probably need help at tackle and on the interior. So you're getting a guy that can fill one of those two spots and do it at a pretty high level you have a nice fallback plan for elisha fair tucker because you need that spot take him there and figure it out with the twentieth. Pick in the two thousand twenty one nfl draft. The chicago bears select elijah vera. Tucker the offensive lineman out of usc the jacksonville jaguars were gifted trevor lawrence. And now they're back on the clock. This is another interesting. Pick matty offensive line to protect your your recent massive investment. I see a rashad. Bateman the wide receiver minnesota still on the board. What you think in here. So this jacksonville. Jaguars team is a team. That i'm interested in the rebuilt. I think they have a lot of young talented guys. It just about every position group. I do think you probably have to look into keeping trevor lawrence on its feet based on what you have. I was actually hoping to take elijah vera tucker here because i don't they cam robinson is you're kind of left tackle of the future. I don't love the tackles that are left if my guy landed dickerson didn't get hurt. I would not have been opposed slapping him at center on this roster of. I don't think you could take him this. So i'm gonna go out and do it. I think this is too early for my liking. But liam aiken berg at notre dame i think is a solid player. I don't think he's ever going to be great. I don't think he's gonna be a star but if you slap him at left tackle you get a lot of mike. Mcglinchey type vibes out of him. Maybe a little bit better mover. So that's good because mcglinchey struggled in pass protection this year. You get a guy that steady across there on that blindsided not cam robinson who so up and down with the twenty first pick in the two thousand twenty one nfl draft jacksonville jaguars select liam aiken berg. The tackle out of notre dame take twenty two as we currently sit as the indianapolis colts. They also need a quarterback. There's not one available. They could go corner. they could go receiver. I am going to throw out. I'm gonna throw out eric. Stokes the cornerback out of georgia. I mean i don't love the board for the for the for the colts where they sit at this point so i think he i think what craig kinda said is you. You look at you. Look at the drop off. I think. Eric stokes is one of the is one of the last couple. You know real quality. Cornerback prospects left before there's a. We'll say a sizable gap like in kindergarten. Terrible against the ohio state buckeyes earlier this year. I really like eric. Stokes six one one hundred eighty five pounds. He's got the adequate link there I think he's i think he's physical enough for format e refuses liking if he is ultimately going to be there. Craig talked me out of it. I'm gonna point back to their edge group justin houston's a free agent komo co tour a is not great bend bonobos not create to nico autry is not great. I'm gonna go replaced. Justin houston with another georgia edge. Matt talked about him earlier. Wu z's as you. Larry he has juice off the edge. He can he can drop in coverage pretty well. He's a long guy more of a three four outside linebacker but he does have the link to put his hand in the dirt and play off of the edge. I think that that just helps them. Keep that pass rush good enough because the teeth into is really good. And since you don't have a quarterback that you're able to address with now you gotta make sure that that defense stays good with the twenty second pick in the two thousand and twenty one. Nfl draft the indianapolis colts select aziz. Owner larry the edge out of georgia. I like the pick. I think that's a good one. Craik cleveland browns on the board. They're looking at edge. potentially to. They just need help on their defense in some capacity. Jake i want you to make the pick for this football team. Yeah who is your best defender left on the board I mean who can you pair with myles garrett i guess across from him you got the texas kids on the board Could be a potential pick there. He's probably the top looking edge laugh. someone mouthing jalen phillips to me. Right how safe is this. Is this jalen phillips territory. This about where you about. Who's in their secondary to jalen philip. There's help too though right eric. Stokes we talked about the pick. Before would eric stokes fit in there across from denzel ward. You start looking at here. I think you do start looking at drop off right because we're getting to that point. We're getting to that point. The draft for some of these positions are going to have a blatant drop. Why don't the browns take a running back. you know. They can use one. And i would go. Yeah phillips i think phillips would be probably where you're talking about like risk reward. You're getting towards the end of the first round. Your first round grades are probably pretty much getting dried up right now at upside is is anyone probably left in that age group so you could absolutely talk me into jalen phillips here at this point the draft. So if that's what you guys wanna do I would..

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