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Genders. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys. Okay, so she is dating a white male TV. All the time, but also can we talk about that cat going to town? That cat was not done the entire video. And I thought that was amazing. That was like this show is dirty. I need to clean it off. I think we had was a little it was very sensual. Yeah, it was. Isn't it enough to tell someone that you're dating? It would be enough for me. If someone told me when I was dating, you look so sexy in that shirt. You look so hot when you wear clothes like that. It turns me on so much. For me, that would be enough to be like, oh, well, maybe I should rock this look then. I just don't give him any compliments when he wears things. Yeah. Something smells different. And then of course literally anything else, it's like, wow, actually, mama, woohoo. How about. Wait, ayo, you're saying pretend she has synesthesia, and then is that when you were saying? Yeah. Yeah, so full out, going to just one second. You have a completely different sense. I also feel like with guys you can like, I don't know. Buy somebody like a shirt. But see, I will tell you this, though, this man right here, he owns about 79 band t-shirts, okay? And Andy like, likes what he likes. I remember the first time I bought him a hoodie at urban because I'm also the kind of person where like, if it's on sale, I'm just buying it, right? And I'm like, this is on sale, this would fit you. And I get it for him. And I was like, oh, here's this hoodie. It literally is just a different color than the one he had, which is the same hoodie in a different vibe. And he's like, and I was like, here, and he's like, okay. I was like, why don't you like? And he was like, it's not my hoodie. He has the clothes. This is early in our love. This was not like recently, but it was like first few months. Early where he was like, this is where what I wear. And I've had to kind of pull you into some interesting tiny dots on a shirt into a button down moment. It is surprising how many cis straight men are really actually very attached to their clothing and very sort of create stories around it about it's important and truly in a way that you think that women do with fashion, but guys just aren't as fashionable, but still have such a connection to what they're wearing. They never want to get rid of anything. It just is a thing. My childhood, my dad had the bigger, he had the hers closet to her's closet. And my mom just has three closets, one's downstairs when she has two upstairs. And my dad had the big one and I was like, and it's like full length, like walked in. He has all this shit. And I was like, when does he even buy clothes? I've never seen him in my clothes. I've never seen him come in with a bag. I don't know how the clothes appear. I feel like he's hiding it. In this situation, it's tough 'cause it is like you don't want to be like telling your partner what to wear. And I don't know. Like, do you just see him in a check or start and just be like, oh, oh my God, my pussy just drive up. When I look at your shirt, I don't know what happened. This is Eric. It's so arid. Oh, God. That's just something about the checkers. Anyway, so I'm not going to grocery store. You want some? I don't know how you suddenly, you know. That might not be subtle. Right. That might not be subtle. Yes, my thoughts. Oh, through my vaginal canal. Oh, God. Listen, mister safi, how do you feel about this? Sure. They are loving this conversation. I'll write my parents are watching, oh no. No, they can handle it. They can handle it. They're killed. We like taking them on a journey. But he knows who I am. I'm pretty sure. I give you what Brian was saying about being like, oh, wow. Something different. Woohoo. Something's in there. What do you think of me though? 'cause I think about it opposite way. We're saying this because you're wearing a checkered shirt and like pussy is arid. That is what you said Lacey. My ovaries turned into little raisins. That was that might be a little bit meaner. Then I love what you're wearing. I'm throwing mine in the hat and saying is it more nice to be like, maybe I love you. Can you just buy some different shirts? 'cause you got so many of these damn shirts. And I love you so much and I love seeing you every day. But it started to look like a cartoon character who like, hey, Arnold every day, baby. You know? And yeah. Like, I feel like maybe it's more straightforward 'cause I feel like all the other stuff, now that I hear it, I'm like, oh, that's nagging. Yeah, I guess I should have waited. Okay. That I hear it. Exactly what you said. My other idea is you could just put like when you make sure this is dark at night. And you have to leave an open and being like, come in the closet later, or whatever. And then he lay part coming the closet at ten 45 p.m.. Meanwhile, you've been in there all night because you're hiding in there. So he finally goes and he's like, oh, wow, what's awaiting me in here? And you go in and you are holding a knife to your throat. And you say, if you don't stop wearing these, I'm absolutely gonna slice them up right off. And then see if that works, then it might. Honestly, sometimes you really have to go big to get anywhere. Yeah. Yeah. The last idea is you like, if there's somebody who's a guy who like who style, you actually really like if you can think of like a guy or a type of guy or whatever whose style you really like, then make him your phone background. Just like, yes. Make his marker, you know? The photo of a solid shirt, your phone back. Like no person wearing it just a solid man shirt. No, not helping anymore. We just threatened a 72 hour hold. We've got my fallopian tubes or husks now. We've got we've got your hideous. Yeah, yeah. I feel like it just, for me, someone gives me a compliment. I need it. Take it run with it, yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely..

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