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Today, generally, clear, cool and windy with a high of sixty four tonight, mostly cloudy, low forty nine tomorrow a shower in the morning, then mostly sunny with a high of sixty for the Poconos today. Sunny, cool and breezy high of just fifty four tonight overcast with a shower low thirty seven tomorrow morning, shower, then partly cloudy, high fifty news time eleven thirty. From the Penn medicine studio ranked among the top ten best employers in America by four this KYW, NewsRadio ten sixty the news with authority in Philadelphia. At the broadcast center. Sixty two degrees. The sunshine temperatures holding steady in the news at this hour cardinal Donald world. The archbishop of Washington DC has resigned amid a furor over the clergy sex abuse scandal rescues continue in the wake of Michael. The massive storm has left at least eleven people dead in the Florida panhandle and on the east coast closer to home that sigh of relief comes from down the shore. What was left of hurricane Michael barely brushed area? I'm David Madden. Police are hoping surveillance video provides some answers after a twenty year old man was shot outside of his house and fern rock. Seventeen. Shots were fired. I'm Mike Darty in sports eagles have a game after a win press conference in business. Good day. On Wall Street. Dow Jones average up to thirty four NASDAQ up one hundred thirty eight s and p five hundred thirty three and.

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