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One more from a Reggie. We kind of have a theme tonight. We've heard from Chris Welch who joins US IT START KIRK. Sally heard from Tucker Bernard from Nate Jones one more, and I heard this the other night driving home from Trevor Bauer when he joined the guys on MLB radio, talking about and we. We've referenced this before. The good staffs, the feed off of each other. And I'm not saying the reds staff is the brave staff of the ninety when I make this analogy, but the the braves have said over the years that Galvin's Maddox smoltz guys like that they the competition they fed off of it, and it raised their game from one start to the next. There's also the added element in this case with the reds of the makeup. The stuff on this starting rotation listen to what trevor. Bauer told the guys from MLB radio the other night about the competition and about the differences within that pitching rotation. I if you'd office obviously the competition on the field watching a guy, go out there and punch out ten and seven shutout like Oh man. Like stepped my game up I got you know I gotTa do better? That's everyone feels that way. You know so the the competition on the field drive each other, and then when you're sitting in the dugout and you're talking about okay. What did you see with them last night? And you're allowed. You approach it, and we'll have such different approaches. Right I mean Sonny is very heavily. Breaking ball like that sinker, comebacker and stuff like that Casteel is very heavily like a sinker and a change at. I'm almost exclusively for Siem and curveball and breaking balls, so we'll all different approaches. And we can Kinda, learn. CAST is like this guy. You know when I saw this in swing. Through a change happens like okay well. I can use that because I got a changeup. It's not nearly as good as yours, but I put that in back of my mind, so so we can bounce stuff off each other and then. Wade Majlis been around and seen a lot as well and you got the finding there as well who I mean. We all have our unique ways of going about approaching it, but we all have our very distinct strengths, and those are things that can pass back and forth to each other, and that's even starting to talk about the bullpen and what they see on the town. We got down there. I like that that's good stuff from from Trevor Bauer by the way on a starting pitching level down below. I don't I. Don't know what to make of this. Nothing has come out of it today, but last night. Hundred Green tweeted and posted on instagram. A locator at said Cincinnati Ohio And he tweeted in all capital letters. Let's go. Leading to rapid speculation about what that meant, the obvious instant reaction is wait a minute. He coming. Is he coming to town or they adding him to the player pool? Now what I find it intriguing that stayed up for a couple of hours and then was removed. Here's here's what I could see happening. The reds have would dietrich now asking for and receiving his release, they still have three openings on their sixty man player pool. I could see the reds announcing. They've added hundred green to the pool and he'll. Go and I could see the reds also say you know. What are you doing? You're killing his here. You can't. You can't release transactions before we make transactions because there might be other moving pieces and parts to all this I could see that scenario I don't know. I could see this area where somebody says hey, take that down because a something might happen, so maybe he's taking it down. But what would it surprise me if they added him to Pasco No? Hundred Green missed all of last season because of the Tommy John Surgery. He setting up to miss another season because there's no minor league season. And keep in mind. The last time he pitched was twenty eighteen in through sixty eight innings that year we talked about this last week. His his senior year in high school. They kid gloves him and let him only make five appearances. Then the reds drafted him. They sent him to billings. He pitched four and a third innings in billings when he was seventeen then in two thousand. Thousand Eighteen pitches at Dayton. He made eighteen appearances through sixty eight and a third innings. Then he had the elbow issues at shut him down at the end he tried to Rehab rested didn't work. He had Tommy John. Surgery missed all of last season man. It would not be good for anybody if he missed all of this season now he's not going to have a season, but. You could adding depress. Go and having throw on a regular basis as part of the reds player pool, and then I don't know that we're gonNA, get crazy and say if push comes to shove or if he's really feeling good, you know the I. Find It hard to believe. They were jumping from low a Dayton in two thousand, eighteen to the major leagues in September Stranger. Things have happened, but it would not shock me if after all of that last night in a tweet and then in an instagram Cincinnati is the locator. Let's go in all capital letters than being. We would see in the next day or so. The reds announced they have added hundred green to the player pool in. He will work with the group out of prisco Park would not shock. We've reached the midway. Point of the show I've got an idea. I got a lot of ideas. Some are bad. I think this idea works. I think it would be good for you. I think it would be good for the reds. I think it would be good for the reds community. Fund will lay that out as we continue its Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet at seven hundred. WWL, W.

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