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And then I don't know that there's a Sunday ticket app for the apple TV or the fire TV, but you can you probably eat a chrome casted or airplay it if you if that's something you want to do, and that also includes. The all the other stuff that you would get on direct TV including the red zone channel. And I think they have a fantasy football channel. So I was wondering why when NFL network came to direct TV now that they didn't include the red zone channel, but this kind of makes it makes sense. They wanted to sell it to you have a lice. You have to have the highest plan and I didn't get the pricing on it, but it's probably about two hundred bucks. All right. That's it for news, right? Yeah. And this kinda could be news, but I held it off. I just wanted to talk about it. So silken, does they make that HD home run that you can connect antenna to it and it's a device that goes on your network and then any computer in your home network or even some of the connected devices like a fire TV, or an apple TV could get access to over the air content now they are running a premium streaming service with forty five networks. So the question I first of all wondered, do we need more of these? I and I guess it's okay. But do you think this is something that they should be getting into. I mean, why not everybody else's, right? Yeah. And the market. So big. Would somebody even know about HD home run? How are they going to get the word out? I, I guess, through new stories like this, but I just think they have a a long road to Hoed to get up compared with sling and direct TV and YouTube. I think it helps them with trying to be the cord cutters best friend, right? So you can put the HD home run in and get all your over the air stuff so you don't need cable or satellite anymore. And then if you want the cable satellite content 'cause you not getting enough stuff over the air that they, she home, she'll already supports. You can just turn on their streaming service and get forty five channels. It's only thirty five bucks a month. So I understand kind of strategically where it would help them out, but I think you're right. I mean that group of people who know what an h. e. homerun is and are using them or would cut the cord to go with. HD home run is small and they're gonna have to do a lot of marketing if they want this to compete with the quote, unquote big boys in this space, but for channel. For thirty five bucks a month isn't isn't bad at all. I looked at them. They have most of the channels that I would care about. As far as sports go. They just have the ESPN. I don't see any Fox Sports, no Fox Sports west or whatever. Nor do they have f s one into. I also do not believe there's NBC sports network and. So so you're going to be missing out a lot. And I think you hit the nail on the head if you're going to get their device to cut the cord and maybe spend thirty five bucks and you can still have some of those familiar channels that you cared about. Yeah, they have a separate DVR service as well. If you wanna record the stuff that you're pulling in over the air, I think that's thirty five bucks a year. And then this is thirty five bucks a month it. It really is. You know, if you put all these homerun pieces together, you've got a cable replacement, a pretty decent cable replacement at thirty five bucks a month. So and you know, that's a great segue into the next thing I wanna talk about there was an article over at the diverge and says, Netflix, Amazon video. Xfinity are accidentally recreating cable TV, and I thought about this essentially, it's the same as it ever was, but it just a different pipe because direct TV now is cable TV is, you know, as far as the product goes. You do have the capability to stream at anywhere you're you're at, but it's still essentially a pay TV service. It's lower cost. Yeah, I agree with you hundred percent. I mean, it's I wanna get television and I'm gonna get brought into my house from somebody and you know, maybe used to be over satellite or over your treasury cable lines..

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