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And I was like, that's my HBK. There's the arrogant asshole Sean that we all know and love. So yes, Vince had said that he had ditched this idea for Mickey to wrestle me. And if you're in WrestleMania and not in a title match or match with a huge story, the best place to be is the star is working with the star, and every year they always have the outside star. Logan Paul and those type of guys, right? So it was really cool to be considered for this because I know I can steal the show. I'll be an Entertainment Tonight and I'll be on The Tonight Show in whatever it was. Problem is Mickey, let the cat out of the bag. I think he was a little bit buzzed before he was supposed to. And they were going to wait until the end of February until the votes for the Oscars had been turned in. Because Mickey's agent agency thought that if you are going for an Oscar, you can't go into wrestling, like this low level wrestling stuff. It's going to look bad and you won't get the votes that you should get to win the best actor. So they were mad at him for letting the cat out of the bag and they pulled him off the show. Which was a drag because it was like once again I was I was excited and then it went away like basically in one day. So I did the Larry King show, which was a really big chat show in the states. And Mickey Rourke was on via satellite and Vince told me go on the show and try and go to him into doing the match. Try and get him so mad that he goes my agents. I'm going to do this match. So I was like, okay, if you guys go watch the YouTube, I am the biggest asshole ever. And the best part was I was backstage at the Rosemont horizon. The Allstate arena in Chicago at a Metallica concert. I was going to see Metallica like Vince wants to do this silent interview. I was like, I'm going to Metallica. And we'll sit you up backstage or whatever. But I had a couple drinks too. So I was like loose up, you know what I mean? This guy. So I went up there and I was just like, you're a coward. You're coward work. You could never do what I do. Shut your mouth, you're a coward. You can see it's kind of like. But he still, because if you know they make you rock, he was a big star. He went off the rails, and this was his big comeback. He did the wrestler. They needed Iron Man two. He did a couple other things they went off the rails again. But for a while, he was saying, this is my second chance. I'm not going to blow this. So he was sticking to the script. Don't do the magic. Don't do the message. So I say afterwards, he said, what do you think? He goes, you're way too stiff on him. I said, you told me to be stiff, not that stiff. Come on, Chris. So then they come up with this idea that Vince called me, which he didn't call me often, but when he did, you knew there was something big instead I got this idea. I'm going to have you wrestle the legends of the WWE under the same angle that we were going to do with the wrestler and that these are guys holding onto the spotlight too long. They just need to disappear. I said, well, who do you have a mind? He's like piper, snuka, and Greg Valentine. Yeah, dude just said ouch. Welcome to my world, dude. Yeah, this was the problem. Now, all of those guys were huge stars in their own right, obviously Roddy Piper, one of the absolute greats upon all the greats, but none of them were ever really known as great workers, maybe snook at one point, but he was far past his prime as all of them were. But they never really did much. And I was like, what am I gonna do with these guys? I'm not trying to be funny. I have nothing but respect for the brothers that came up before me, but as a professional and myself at WrestleMania, it sure sounds good in theory and in story it'll be good, but what am I going to do once the match happens? This is Vince. It's not going to be good. It's not supposed to be good. It's WrestleMania. Who cares? Why care? What do you suggest then, damn it? So I said, I said, how about Jerry Lawler? Because I knew that Jerry could still work a match. I could do something with him. I said, take out Valentine. Sorry, Greg. But put in Jerry, and Vincent said, that doesn't fit the criteria. So what do you mean, it doesn't fit the criteria? What criteria? The criteria that I've decided on. The criteria that you've decided on that nobody knows about you. All right, what's the criteria? The guy has to be had to have been in the first WrestleMania. And has to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Those were Vince's rules of who could be in this match. Once again, no one else knows these rules just fence. I'm like, Lawler, he's like, it wasn't in the first WrestleMania. All right. So then I'm thinking, who did I mention earlier, guys? If you've been paying attention, my three favorites, Owen Hart, Sean Michaels and who was the other one. Exactly. So I was like, Ricky had just started back with us as like an agent backstage. What already steamboat? He's like, I don't even know if we own his name. And I said, well, he was in the first WrestleMania. And he's going into the W Hall of Fame this year. Like the four WrestleMania. He technically fits the criteria. So we found out that we did own his name or actually Ricky on his name because he had some issue with his ex-wife who stole his name and he finally got it back. So then it was official. It was going to be snuka, piper, and Ricky steamboat, one of the all time greatest workers ever who even at 58 was better than 80% of our roster at the time. And at least then I knew I could do a match. So I'm excited. I'm ready and plus this Ricky steamboat. We do this build up for the show and Ricky did a decent promo. He was never a great problem, but he did a good one. And I think I hit snuck in with a coconut maybe or bush the wall over on him.

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