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People tell me the Golan introduce myself to them to my heart, which I did. And you know, told early on that they were people which are really are as well. So I went in and treated them with respect and they've. Reciprocated with nothing, but love and respect. So I don't know if I'm different but. A him in a very kind and respectful manner. I suppose, and I guess there's also been good. Well, I know a lot of people look up to you because you are very very good. With figuring out the the language of the sasquatch and all the different ways that they do speak to us. Now, we have I guess there's quite a few right? There's like glimpse structures. Mine speak is that is there three years or more. Are there? More ways to communicate with it. Yeah. So we have glimpse right structures. Glimpses structured mind speak. The Bill also verbal they will also play sauce in your head. I guess that's kind of like a my space. Yeah. Brian I loved when I read that that you had said thought placement I found that very interesting. Oh, no. That's. That's something that. Just like second nature now with man. And then the whatever like trying to one of the ways that they will ask you a question. I will get a thought. Returning to them or something, you know, big up there in the universe or something which teachers of as well, and they will. I'll get the answer like immediately. Often or sometimes it'll just be building to answer somewhere down the road. But they, you know, they will place a simple, and and in my head like, for instance, I wonder if they left the cliff by my car, okay? Was one thing that happened. One time. And it was just a random thought that came into my head, and I had just gone off for an hour hike or something it was just returning. And that's not. Came into my head. I wonder if I left by the Mike car, and I got back to my car, and they're right by the door was just an amazing. Look like it was just like a. You know, even call a no brainer. Like it was quite intricate. And you know, I learned over time that they would place those thoughts, and then they would would show you just one of the ways each your cell. It's. Continuing thing. And you just recognize it when you say cliff, can you tell people what a cliff is. Well, I guess technically they could even be the big things that are, you know, like on the trees, or whatever they just you're like, the big Asterix access something that I guess people seeing them, right? Like the structures and stuff. Yeah. And that's what what Brian's talking about is like they'll take a tree or a big giant limb and they'll make exes or the Astros. They'll make these giant structures. But then they also do the and to me that's a structure when they're that big. But when they're tiny to me, but I guess, I guess, you know, you're the expert guy in this is the glimpse also the giant structures. They're also glimpse. They're just big picture of the same symbols, whatever. So. Yeah, they have. Meaning and whatever to. Yes, they are. But you know, when I generally talking book cliffs. You know, when I started talking to you about them and got into them. It was just a little ones that you find on the force path or trail or whatever and their little for me. My favorite ones are a little peel sticks. And they really stand out because they kind of like, you know, quite white. On the background of the Braunau forceful or the green and they form little designs. And you get to recognize them over time. What they are. And you really do Brian. I mean, you know, when I've gone out with different people along the way. It's amazing. Who knows what? And you know, how the different people think of those that go out and research, you know, again, you know, we have the killing Nokia, we have the people that believe that it's they are flesh and blood and others that believe that you know, they go in and out of dimensions different things like that. But at one point I remember people teaching me talking about these cliffs, and they point down to something. And I'm like what there's some sticks a little broken sticks. I probably just stepped on that, you know. And they're like, no. And when you when you start learning about them, people point them out you start seeing these little things that people call lifts and just so. To me. I mean, it's you're right. The peeled sticks. That makes a difference and they are in. They do stick out more, and they are in very similar sim- similar shapes. And and I guess are they symbols or are they words, and the reason that you are considered an expert you've been kind of doing this and figuring these things out for what over how many years have you been working on glimpse alone. Well, since about two thousand twelve when I first got the call to go to the mountains, whatever. The very next guy that I met was the guy Randy person out actually was Abraham on. You there's a couple of blocks up the road. And he was finding tracks in the snow and had quite a bit experience with sasquatch up in the area up here for quite a long time. So that's how it. That's how it started. Well, somebody's Gloser like an inch. I mean, they're really they can get that tiny can't they? Oh, yeah. And some of them are really neat. Ones are the tiny wasn't it can get really intricate and sometimes they can. I've seen where they'll have something woven under over under over like three or four times. I mean, they're really quite intricate. And that's the difference. Folks. That's what you need to look for is that kind of thing because you're not going to see a lot of in and out in and out things that are woven. It just happened usually kinda just false false and false from the trees and just looks normal. So what we did was Brian sent like fifteen pictures of some of these lifts, and we have them on coast to coast AM dot com, and they're featured. So if you guys go over there, he's going to go through the different ones. Just so you can have an idea. And we'll and we know a lot of you guys aren't able to look at this right now. So that's okay. Will he'll described them. So at least you'll have an idea of what it is to look for when you're out there. You know, Brian is I was coming over in the bras talking to the driver who is a hiker, and he was talking, you know, he was surprised to hear all big foot around like manner everywhere. And let them know that tonight, you're gonna have you're gonna learn what to look for an and you'll know and these are a big sign that they are around. The gloves. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. So you actually believe that the glimpse that are seen in, ma'am. By the way, I see him. Now. I I went no come on. You know, just give me a big foot. Let me let me find a an. A imprint of the real big foot foot in the sand or dirt somewhere, which is very hard. Everything's gotta be just perfect to get that. Right. But then it's so much easier to find the glimpse in the structures. And they're messing our they messages to you and me who come across them or they messages to each other. Well, I don't professional everything about what they are for for them. Because you know, I mean, they can't communicate telepathically and whatever to right. So sometimes you wonder why would they need to use gloves? So. That's. That's still something that I'm pondering whatever. But at the same time, you know, you see a regular trail. And then there's a game or whatever that you see that they've been using and it's well trodden down from Houston, whatever. And you'll see it directions left. There quite often. You'll get you're looking for. And it does seem like it's for them. So is you say direction cliff? Yeah. Like a narrow or something, but the director. It looks just like a narrow or something in this direction. Oh, wow. Interesting. That does look like I mean that could be saying we're up here. But you know for them. I'm not sure if it would be for them. But you know, I've learned that. The cliffs for me or personal. So there are a tool for teaching tool. I I've learned a lot with them like all kinds of stuff. We'll get a chance to go into all of it. But there. They will make the gloves. According to what you think they mean? So for instance, hey means my clan leader. Are- means it means it means what I'm sorry. Mike clan leader artery his cliff is a name that's mine meaning for so when they give me a message. You know, most of them will be signed with a which is from the clan of our, Ian, whatever. Or if the messages from him. They've got different letters for different clan members. They've got. Yeah. It's it's whatever they because they can read in place in your head. So they can. Siamese? According to what you're thinking. Literally when you spoke at least with me. Okay. And when you say clan leader. Who's that? Well, you know, the Klan leader like the Klan is the the sasquatch family up here. Although they don't really as far as I'm concerned, they don't really distinguish one from the other a put one above the other or whatever. But you know, for practicality they still have to do certain things to function as a as a group. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. I thought year or the client, okay? You said one was a name you gave one a name. Ari ari? Yes. Okay. And that's your teacher that what you said. Well, I don't know if I have one teacher per se seems like I've got a bunch of them even some juvenile. Kirsan funny. Stop so and actually some some good lessons as well. So yeah, it seems like the whole family up here is kind of adopted.

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