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S. Believes Russian intelligence Service hackers had likely already begun work on a new project cracking into a network security company called Solar Winds. Good Evening America Under virtual invasion, security experts are scrambling to assess the damage after hackers reach sensitive government and corporate computer sources say the attack took advantage of the widespread use of software. From a company called Solar winds. The solar winds hack makes clear that something experts have been warning about for years has finally arrived. The supply chain attack if one contractor, say a company that does network security Falls prey to a hack than a company is on. Lee is safe as that outside contractor Richard Bait. Lick is a former military intelligence officer who's now the principal security strategist. A core light a cyber security firm. If you were one of those organizations that had enough money to say we want to have inventory management, we wanna have network management. Let's go with solar winds. Suddenly that's open you up to a whole new set of problems. The investigation into what actually happened is only just begun. But at this stage, what seems clear is that hackers got into the networks through a company software update. And it appears that targeting a company like solar winds is a very efficient way to crack into US systems because intruders can slip into thousands of company and government networks all at once. And one of the questions that's come up in the wake of the attack is this did not go so news discussion of defense forward inspire Russian hackers to do something spectacular. Just to prove they could Kiersten Todd is the managing director of the cyber reading this Institute. And she says the Russians hardly needed an excuse. I think the Russians are emboldened toe work against us and come after us for lots of reasons. Not the least of which could be us saying, Hey, we're gonna you know, have a secure and save 2020 election That would inspire them to say. Oh, no, you're not. And while you're focusing on the election, we're actually going to come into your networks. What the hackers could do next is unclear. Was this Justin intelligence operation aimed to grabbing sensitive information, or are the hackers lying in Wait? Having created back doors that will allow them to come and go as they please. Officials are trying to determine that now. Dina Temple Raston NPR news later today on all things considered with air fares low right now, some Americans are looking beyond the pandemic and making travel plans again. Ask your smart speaker to play NPR or your member station by name. This'll is NPR news. It is 7 19. We're checking in with Joe McConnell, who says Once again we have a Bart delight. It's a 10 minute delay now getting through the Fremont area between heading both directions to San Jose and two deadly city. Because of the new equipment problem in the Sierra. They're chained controls on 80, but.

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