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On the podcast this week I have got a local resident who took her passion for swimming and turned into her own business. In fact she even built her realm pool is Rami. Your locally produced weekly podcast bringing news and interviews and information from awesome possum hosting hello hello and welcome to another episode road of this is Romney if you've not heard of it before. This is a podcast where I talked to local businesses local residents. Sometimes I talk about the local news in ramsbottom awesome our local area. I have been doing this for a few years now. This is episode one hundred and eight where I speak to local resident Sarah Hill who took a passion for swimming she learned a new way of swimming became a trainer and he basically took the plunge into making her own business. Sarah Hill is the owner swimmingly and his interview. I did with her late last year. This is probably going to be my first interview in this next so I am here with Sarah Hill and you are around awesome resident. Let's stop wiser pulling your adviser to my good question and dependent Mike because I run a small business from Michael swimmingly which provides long one swimming lessons and coaching for primarily adults but we do have some slots for Children School Age unfor- Preschool Children's and how is it different it was different because of the WHO is quite small. It's only about five meters by three exactly but it's around that and it has a she could fast line in one end which San Sapone of water down the pool so into kind of some treadmill so you can swim in place without actually going anywhere and it you could change speed so you can have it for children's speed or you can have really really fast triads long kind of speed so it sits at the rank mark what your background is women well. My background is is is just as a swimmer. I've never done soon metal works in profession into the Muskie careers and I've always been synonymous enjoyed swimming and over nine years ago. I decided I wanted to swim further than I could. At the time I was Vice Dr splashing out breath very quickly which is very very common story and I never had some lessons other than the schools was all kinds of made up and so when I discovered a swimming technical type immersion which by the ninth suggested pool underneath nursing strike two way it's more aww approach to swimming bits without signing like a hippy kind of mind full Senate immersing yourself in swimming and it's not just moving down the pool is really thinking swimming in a different way so I went down to love bre which was the nearest coach could find and spent three days learn this technique well three days a period of time down three times to learn this technique and have to be honest totally transformed my life that sounds dramatic attic but it did enable me to swim farther than I thought I could much more easily than I ever thought and to enjoy do you think tank and since then I've started doing coaching for open water on my thing is I want to post in particular night the promoter so doing long distance open water marathon swims promoter and Saudi coaching and Elton Reservoir getting down there on a cheese day join a SUMO L. Try Mike Cook and then I realized it was nobody else in this area tall offering touch emotion Sunni teaching and coaching so we're trying to see how much beginning last year eh and fails to find something pool to rent so ended up deciding well. What the hell let's just so? That's what we did very long story. Short awards controllability actually built in a swap sky but you'd never know now looking at it because it is consignment salary this fab. It's an ability as you very. You're very well situated as well. You're not far from center around till now just from town yeah so it's it's an ideal location so you did open worlds like after like in Greece I I think the thing that they've asked us possibly so fashion channel swimmers you wouldn't if he did a rating also makes it's Kinda move you can stocky chafing dry pleasant changing channel but he's moved on these days is not so much. Actually I never was the fish was and now jim primary likes the swimming that the people do these. There's a lot of people do you are listening to the kind of city now. I'd prefer today's is long legs wins and we melted as far as some all set across across contributing wherever there's a lake swimming and some people are wack saints lost people don't is personal choice really waxy makes it more buoyant so it's assigning easier and it's not is it. It's it's appropriate experience not that. When isn't this stiffen? It's about just really million Jillion fails. which is the way that I've now learned to swim say I'm swimming salted? He's not wasn't enjoyable cold. Well he added the coldest off. It really is leading to remember to breathe when you paint the miniature tenures all breath bridges so tom about a and in Japan. If you something slowly carefully specified some new splashing water put some more the back of your neck just to let you know what's coming and just take it really slowly deep breathing as well from your belly rather checks. That nice relaxed right he approached to that's what went TV just jump in and yeah you get so whether on Joan panels wrong okay it is a war sports build a rough around with by yet. It was in in winter but that's not something needs to do because you nicely home pool in very pie foot. Put looks are very feels Scandinavian. Yes I was thinking very very Scandinavian like solar. She's a lovely building. You've got with you you pool. Let's a bit more about your background less less swimming but how how did you end up implantable and had it under nonstop seven seven neutrons from Iran stalls up before the election from Harrogate feel and moved across ten years ago eleven years ago and just really like trump started sort of looked for because we could see Bali and and eventually decided we should move here Netherland back. I wouldn't change with me science vice and if you to so what did you do before well for Myself Years Project manager and I did not try and inspire used to work for organizations can with a social purpose coop credit unions and so public private partnerships between police and other organizations to kind of facilitate take projects any sense. It's very very excited. Yeah probably need to change now very look at the last few years of effort from south. It's been it's been great but then I just saw this opportunity because there's nobody else in and the coach often Toki meason. I'm coaching in Manchester Lancashire Cheshire. Thank Mr No furthest Knowles suspension North Visit Penrith which is how the around the cone out some did the somebody in the world and then going south. I think it's again. What's what's the situation I mean? Do you know what they built a similar theatrics Samantha News this others just use a manage to hire. Hi were total losses right okay so when you're looking for hiring who was it. Did you have to have this not told that just needed a coin that would tim enabled me to teach people and fewer and far between when when you know they're all book took credit that will help rules the council pools the grandson pool grain. Let me hire that once when it's free and but it's it's a busy city cup snappy thing is practically impossible to spice it and went on to the cost of the pools. I could hire and it just didn't make sense right at this date. Okay I thought it was the worst it doesn't always and so did you look at the cost of a time of life. Uh estimate how many lessons you'll need and of course is so proud and being punked agreement accident. It was one of those things I thought well. Let's just you know and I I was confident because I I know that there's people that who because of the way take it is different and it's a totally different approach to swimming into teaching and I know that there are people there's lots of people that who would welcome up because because swimming is quite a score was quite set in its ways as far as the weights taught and the way people understand how should be taught it hasn't changed years and in years and years. It's never been looked at never been advised never been looked at in light of saw among technology even a path leads and let's face it most of his not it never will be so I go there enough. People who wants to learn to swim while and who haven't gone along with standard tuning teaching and who just want a different branch and hopefully continue to be proved right there are enough people I mean my our clients range from at until adults who are primarily that tells people who terrified anymore why to find his because this is such a common violent people really come on quickly say within a couple of lessons here okay and she's swimming and to what level they want to but you know that they're actually in the water facing wanted which is fabulous and again as life changes people in my struggle the years and years and years and now children there and he wants to sing. I just can't themselves today so we can work out and successfully then we we have a lot of people who are coming back to swimming adults in how had lessons in school and myself you know he just thought my quiet quad to get into this. What do water 'cause? It's growing school finding a lot of people coming you just want to learn and when they find out how we teach h they find it. This is not my expected this very different. I like it and it's easy to the crucial thing and it's not stressful. It's not splashing down pool and exhausted. It's a very different kinds of private and that I have the triathletes lots of them against the growing and Korea Muslim lots of translates around this of all different shapes and sizes it's brilliant and and they because they're used to roam it used to scientists and traffic on your web if united cycling and swimming often in L. Promoter and because that bill for money cycling swim a hater terrifies them really struggle with us when we can do it and then what the aim of the swim for them is to get our filming on K. two top time on whatever distance that is Paris feeding okay at the moment most of the getting our attitudes Austin stress because of the way this would be an hour prior to making out feeding laxed enjoyed it.

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