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Ninety two three fm in lexington virginia shouldn't do anything wrong no sitting there with her husband and i think some other friends table of eight and was asked by the owner to leave yes the owner came into work to ask her to leave because those servers the waiters they didn't want to server she works for the trump administration they don't like trump they wanted to get rid of her and she left can that happen here in arizona can someone asks you to leave a restaurant just because they want you to for absolutely no reason germany and is now sir friend monica lindstrom mac and gaydos legal expert hi monica how are you hi guys doing good and the answer is possibly yeah they can possibly possibly yep so here's the deal there's been a lot of decisions or not a lot but handful of decisions that have come out by the supreme court and other courts around that is making it kind of confusing win business refused service to somebody right now with the with the example you just gave she wasn't being asked to leave because she was female or because she was white or because she was a certain religion or anything like that she was just being asked to leave because they didn't like her that believe it or not is okay remember the old saying that you can refuse service to anyone right well that's not so much right you can refuse service to anyone as long as it's not based on you know the big ideas right the the race religion national origin gender age and sometimes sexual orientation depending on where you are protected classes yes that's based in the public accommodations law right so amazon ah it's state law doesn't protect sexual orientation but we know that could be and phoenix laws and some other laws around the valley cds in town they have laws that protect that so under the public accommodations law you can't violate any of those but if you don't like a customer because they're unruly or a truck follower or maybe you don't like that they have blue hair or whatever it may be the owner or the manager whoever works there can't ask them to leave mike ripping sun city blue hairs on stop it dare you up dare you monica terrible okay so if you think somebody's hickey and they're in your restaurant and they don't like you they could just ask you to leave your all pretty good right okay all right how about this one we've we know that that we've had these supreme court decisions about the cake and can a business say alright religious reasons i'm not going to bake the gay cake for you guys you guys guys wait i'm not gonna do it what about here in phoenix can you can you say no to a gay cake no you can't wait a minute wait a minute the cake isn't gay it's not a cake it's a cake for.

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