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Leuchter bridge bike exchange. I think it's all about. The personality is beyond the camera. Early days back in two thousand and twelve. When dan jeans had the idea for backstage pass he was one of them. might anyway. Just ozzy boy who's pretty cruzi and and we. We sort of trusted that he would never put anything out. That you know. Pat always says something we shouldn't have or something like that so we have full trust in now in that and we're trying to promote the team. We're not trying to You know trying to look for juicy stories or try and make some controversy or anything like that just trying to tell story of of what you know what. It's most tom locking within the team. And now sam. Finding in who's taking over from dan. It's the same thing you know. He's just a good block and we trust him that he's He's putting out the the rodney means for the team. And and like you know it's pretty much Is always on show but You know it's nothing really the hard. That's what we wanted to show that Chemical robotic cycling sometimes and. There's nothing really to hide a lot of good personalities within the sport from all the way through to the top artis. And that's what we wanted to show and we're pretty good as a team and so they have the cameras also on msnbc and of course you know people want to fans wanna say the roar emotion you know. And that's the good old for bad. I think it's quite a good thing to sort of like you know we. This is the reality of it. You know we lose draw. This is the reality of Cycling sits you sort of win you lose lose more races than you win. So you know the roller coaster real and Take everyone onto that raw us and That's what we're trying to show yeah. I think recycling it's something that's still with the with the movie star one. I think it's still an open market there. There's still a lot of good stories to be told so. Hopefully in the future we can have more of a good publicity for startling. And hopefully the teams can generate some revenue. And we don't have to rely so much on sponsorship delay. Would you like to see a cycling drive to survive. Understand the team from dyson here. They've done a deal with so it is on the on the table. And is that something you've heard about and would you like to see it for sure like to say it but i also like to see revenue come back to the team's not to the i think it would be good that You know we. We want to survive as a unit and the rod is in the organization to work together so hopefully that That can come about and And it can be good for everyone. Sports director team bike exchange showing inside of our sport will benefit the sponsors and all the fans. People want to see that south. Anyone wants rice on television. It's going in behind the scenes and seeing Seeing what's happening died. I is is pretty exciting. And the movie saucy resulting. It's good i think It's it's pretty rule and It shows a lot shows off. Found it interesting to see how that goes up right. Yeah they didn't hard it any. Which is what people want to see out team. We're pretty transparent and open and the guys who who can come to until we started doing backstage pass from day one so everyone knew what are informed. And i think we've worked well for us on a few guys. Basically is free media training for few ask guys. We're pretty sure and and pretty awkward behind behind the camera and what it did. It help those goals. Because john's tom he was one of the boys. But you still had a camera. And then i suppose is sort of relaxed around him a arm and then they relaxed around other people getting interviews know. We had some great success in and he was able to capture that from a from an out. I'm they scopus I'm a government embedded. Into tim jimbo fisher team I'll be doing this for i think. Four or five years now. Now you've got to cars in the race. So that's everyday like six or seven hours Footage each car. We've got to go. Bros at the to make annexed The people are finish line. So that's also everyday like two or three hours and then the footage of mon camera and that's like three hours a day so if you go to counties it will be like six hundred hours. Some government do like the the dramatic scenes. In a sceneries. In the del rooms after watch of course and this year is really dramatic with all the crashes and also crash in stage one with the opn mia sign is not always nice to to film the people. You like like remorse. And how big is this. Dream is for him and You see the disappointment and It's really difficult to to be in his hotel room and not to be there. You know what i mean. so yes. it's it's good for dramatic shots but sometimes it's also nice to film when they were winning like last year. Actually it was kind of easy because Pretty much just riding in the new jersey for almost offer two or something you are listening to kilometers ankle by citing but guest power by super sapien. Anti management for committee athletes and coaches go to super apn's dot com for more now to talk you and actually loans and hyun for success. Everyone some here again. So as an athlete with type one diabetes they use of a continuous glucose. Monitor allows me to see in real time. My blood glucose level heading into the night before at the morning off the race and post race. I can see in real time. What levels This is vitally important. It means that. I can keep my blood sugar in range during the race on. It's such a game changer. To be able to to see this live and to be able to truck it so it for me it's it's really really great How to good day Management wise so really happy with that. I'm i'm the senior editor for the flemish classics documentary films about reforms. Can you tell me the origins i mean. The first one was the hundred. Three refunds wasn't at the pizza gone. Victory i mean how. How did that project begin life. It also came out with a flemish documentary. It's it's A filner was made in for tv series Which was By young elon and he had the idea of making A.

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