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And then my wife because she can't tolerate sanity goes, wait. Whoa. Get old to get the kids and take the kids to the shop. Olga lives in studio city. So she would have to drive from studio city past Glendale to lock in Yatta. Get the kids and turn around and go back to Glendale and then turn around and go back to lock in Yatta. Is this also sunny wouldn't have to play fortnight on different couch. This is all this is simply to do something different than I'm suggesting it really. That's that's the only allure to it is this is something other than the geniuses suggesting the genius. Who pays for everything has an idea? Let's reject it. We must reject this idea. This this cannot worm. I gotta lambere Gainey Mira. And I'm a rich man, you should at least hear me out. So I say wait a minute August going to leave studio city, she's gonna come to lock in Yatta. She's going to get the kids should go to Glendale. What a waste of driving coach on the cloud. Here's the cash comes in. Lynette says. And this is when I really should've had her institutionalized. I realized should had a guy white suit with a butterfly net. Like just chase her down. Fifty one fifty said what time you going to Kimble's? I said we're I gotta be there. Four thirty leave the shop. I will leave the studio at four. She said I'll have all come at three thirty pick the kids up drop them back off at Glendale. Then she can just go home cutting close. I said all right, but I'm paying her for fucking day of war. Just a heavy drive from studio city to lock in. Even the fact that we're this far into this conversation is insanely insulting the kids should get in the fucking air. Conditioned Jag with the Carinthian leather. And drive with their fucking dad giant warehouse where they can look at the lambere Gainey Mira. Lynette announces.

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