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Was their neighbors is it called again. But anyway, he's only nineteen years old. So you know, she was like what was he then twelve or thirteen. I do remember young young young. So anyway, he looks like him. So I think that is great casting. I know they're going to want us to keep calling it the mini saints of Newark. But I just think Gruden keep calling. How does the pre-quake while Alec Baldwin? I just laugh at this story about the guy he punched in the face of the parking spot. And he is going to have to go to anger Benjamin for a day. Dave. That's why I'm glad he at least admitted guilty. Well, I think he's had too many other little things like this for the judges, just like whatever we don't believe you anymore. Okay. Kate winslet's you like idea of her coming back to HBO we saw her in Mildred Pierce. Melter which we are not very good. But she's producing this. And again, I think women of a certain age to be in charge of their own destiny are having to start production and finding their own material. Yes, she's is reporting. She'll play a small town Pennsylvania detective whose life crumbles around her as she investigates, a local murder, it's called mayor of east town don't know if it was based on a book or whatever. But yeah. So good for Kate. Good for her good for tamarin hall guess who's executive producing her. Daytime talk show that's already seventy percent. So for next fall. You already told me Bill. Getty's Bill Getty who served as EDP for the view for seventeen years left when Barbara left, and he also did all of the Barbara Walters specials, the ten most fascinating people special dolls, and he started out his career. He's a producer for GMAC Paterno. Is she's got a good EDP? And she could be. Do these kinds of things like dude. Barbara Walters with special love her and NBC has got to be sick to their stomach. They got rid of Taman Hoffer. You don't. Even.

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