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Or, you know any of these other people for the really outlandish stuff, they say and do, uh, politicians in New York City get completely way to make the most absurd claims and do the most absurd things. So yeah, that's that's another major. So do you think that New York pulls out of the salesman? I mean, this happened before. Obviously, New York was in worse straits even than it is now And as I mentioned in the late 19 seventies and went through a rough eighties, and then in the nineties, there was this kind of shocking recovery that occurred in New York. Do you think that's going to happen again? Or is this as you say, the last days of New York? Are we watching a sort of slow motion death spiral because people have the option to move out? And because partisan polarization has grown so wide Well, that's really the key. Uh, can New York revitalized the central business district? Can New York re attract 65 million tourists a year? Uh, that's you know, that's hard to say. A lot of it begins with public safety. You know, our company's gonna feel comfortable bringing their employees back in to take the subway when there's people wandering around stabbing other people in the face? Uh, are tourists going to want to come and see a show in times? The stock exchange doesn't have to stay in New York if they just if the radicals decided to put in stop transfer taxes, companies can let their high paid employees work from, you know Georgia or Texas or Florida or wherever low tax states that have a higher quality of life. So you know, it's a good question. Let's put it that way. Well, the book is the last days of New Yorker reporters True tale, Seth. Thanks so much for joining the show that Seth Baron Thank you, Ben. Get.

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