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Applauders? Remember that? I love it. Probably wondering why why did you ask Karen read play this particular, Melanie? So I read a. Letter to the editor in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning by the city attorney Dennis Herrera who I think is splendid by the way is that a great job. And this is what he wrote regarding. Let's ban political grandstanding with an editorial on March twenty second the chronicle is entitled to its opinion. It's not entitled to an alternative set of facts. Here are the facts years of progress in reducing you smoking were erased last year the evidence is overwhelming that e cigarettes not traditional cigarettes are what's driving the surge in children using tobacco products e cigarettes e cigarettes, use increased by seven hundred twenty eight percent among high school students and by forty eight point five percent among middle school students last middle school students by God. There were no significant changes in use of other tobacco products during that period, irrespective of grade level there were one point three million more Americans students using tobacco products last year than a year before that spikes comes overwhelmingly from children, vaping vaping and Harare continues. That is not my determination. Those are the findings of the centers for disease control and prevention the US surgeon general has called youth vaping an epidemic. He is. Correct. Inexplicably the food and Drug administration has failed to conduct the public health review of e cigarettes that is required by law before they hit the market. These are products that should not be on the shelves until that review is complete. That is why. And this is rare city attorney that is why and supervisor. Shame on Walton. Have proposed an evidence based approach to prevent another generation of youth from becoming addicted to nicotine cigarettes are bad. But they're not what is grabbing our children into a lifetime of addiction e cigarettes are doing that. That's why we're taking a common sense approach to address the real problem in front of us on the chronicle opines about again about e cigarettes. I suggest it look to the facts and disclose it to its readers that e cigarette manufacturer jewel is one of the major advertisers. The public deserves no less. I wanna be very clear about this. This. This e cigarette business, disturbs me. I was at a public school recently where I was told that kids this is a high school that kids were using e cigarettes during the lunch hour, and there's no way to stop them. I guess I wanna ask you a question. Do you believe that the city attorney is right in proposing a ban on the sale of e cigarettes. How do you feel about that? And and do we have anybody who smokes e cigarette out there? I want you to call four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten and I want you to tell me why you use any cigarette and more than that. I want you to tell me whether you understand the health risks involved in e cigarettes. I asked a question respectfully, but I ask it firmly because it is an epidemic as Dennis Herrera points out in his letter to the editor. And what about a company like jewel here in San Francisco based here? And of course, their whole product development is based on getting people hooked. Oh, no, no, no, no. They'll say it's better to use an e cigarette. Smoke a cigarette I'm not buying that. Are you four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten how firmly should we crack down on cigarettes? And is the city attorney of San Francisco right when he defends his proposal to ban the sale of cigarettes, and what do you think about the findings of the centre of disease control and prevention, the US surgeon general has called you facing an epidemic. And he's correct. So are there any vapors out there? If you're a vapor. I want you to pick up the phone, and I want you to call eight zero eight zero eight ten and I want you to describe why you vape, and whether or not you think the city attorney is right or wrong. Do you believe that e cigarette use increased by seventy seven point eight percent among high school students and by forty eight point five percent among middle school students last year. Doesn't that tell you something? And what do you think about these flavored? Oh, yes, you can get cheesecake or chocolate cake or or Honey or whatever you want. And of course, what you're really getting is a fix. A fix of nicotine four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten oh, look, I'm not a fanatic. I don't smoke. I never liked smoking. My mother was heavy smoker. My father smoked I never liked smoking at all. But what bothers me about vaping is. It's masked as something that is. Well, not dangerous. But it is dangerous four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten so I'm asking the question is there. Anybody listening to the sound of my voice who vapes. And if you do I want you to call and explain to me. Is it a kick is at a high. What is it? I'll never forget. When my son Samuel was in high school. We were in Orange County. And he went to one of these hookah bars, you know, where they looked at him. I said darling. Do you know what you're doing at a hookah bar, and he really didn't. I don't think he understood. So I explained it to them. And when he saw how upset it made me that he would use this product with all the different flavors. He stopped doing it. Not because I forced him to because he was an adult. And of course, he can do what he wants. But I feel so passionately about the danger of smoking. And by the way, we're gonna play for you a commercial later on all member William Talmon who played Hamilton burger in Perry Mason when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he made a commercial, and I think we have that. And we'll play it later on. But let me get to your your phone calls. Rick calling for San Rafael, Rick. Welcome decay. GO? Hey based on I've been listening, and I'll tell you. I've been a cigarette smoke for twelve years in a year ago. I got diagnosed with cancer, and my doctors tell me they told me to quit smoking cigarettes in I struggled. I bought the big change things struggled, and I lied to my doctors. I lose an emotional thing. Anyway picked up this jewel. And I tried it on February ninth Davies for my daughter's birthday I wanted to give her a good birthday present. And I tried to Joe. And I haven't had a cigarette since so when you're that I'm fascinated. This is really important. I'm so glad you're saying this what it did. Dr. What it did was it took you off cigarettes? Now, have you told your doctor what you're doing? Yeah. And what is your doctor? Tell you. Well, they. Of course. Yeah. The smoke. I don't stink. Little more clothes, and I know that garland. Know that smoke is bad. No. But what I do for a cigarette is I just take a little hit a little Joel thing. Urge goes away. I don't have to keep puffing on it. How do you think? It doesn't affect your health one way or the other. In other words, you've already got the problem. And you're just saying it's better than smoking a cigarette. Oh, I don't have. I don't have huge. Okay. So let me ask you if you drink. Oh, my so let me ask you. Let me ask you this. You have children. What would you think of your children decided to vape? Being. Not. Older that age for cigarettes. Firm and your parents are from your peers. Yes. I think the parents should be eligible percent. I agree. I won't tell you story. When when my parents sold our house, we moved into an apartment, and I went to see the apartment before they signed for it. And the woman who had been in the apartment before we lived there had been a heavy smoker. She had emphysema, but she still smokes in bed. And she had died we walked in. And I could take my finger against the wall. And it was disgusting. What came so to me? Putting that in your body is all right, Rick first of all, I'm glad you called. I'm glad you gave us a positive example. And now in a way what you're telling me is it's better to vape than it is to smoke. Let's see if people agree or disagree. Smoking is worse than the nicotine. And I wanna wish you every success in health because your children love you. And they watch you, and we want you to be okay. Oh, yeah. To do this for myself. I all right, Rick. Thanks a million. I appreciate the call. Let's go to Stanley calling from Richmond Stanley, welcome to cage. How's it going? Great fire away. So yeah, I I I used to smoke blackened miles which a cigar. And to me. Is so much better. I sleep better. I can smell and I don't spend as much money. But I feel like Joel is only in the background because kids are buying it. When there's other big stuff or other big product, helping and all it is is nicotine is not smoke. Yup. So to me, it's not as bad. Okay. And if you have children. Yeah. I have a eleven month old. Okay. How would you feel about your eleven month old being eleven years old and vaping? Well, I wouldn't like it because I didn't pay when I was eight years old. I see. Six. And I do it for a while. And I heard your last caller you talked about. You know, your doctor? My doctor about it. And you know, I should stop because they don't know the effects of yet. I know the smoking but about the nicotine more than just a smoking. Yup. It's a dangerous business. But I'm glad you called. And I wanna wish you every success. Thanks very much for one five eight zero eight zero eight ten let's go to Nigel calling from log anita's Nigel. Welcome. John, congratulations. I love to have you on the air. You're so intelligent and really clear the fog for Leon political issues. I wanted to bring up you'll Brenner. Yup. Fantastic actors king, and I see a lot of great Western's a lotta great movies. And he did a PSA about how he wasted his life trying to be cool smoking cigarettes, and there's one of the most heartbreaking. Yes. As I ever heard, we have it. We have do we have time to play, ladies and gentlemen, the lake Yul Brenner. Wanted.

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