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This Reuter who is Jonathan Chi. Says that hasn't been a new major airport constructed in the United States. It's naughty naughty. Five Friends of mine on who they recently in California just were shocked by the sight of of the roads in the highway system. You can just tell it's dilapidated di-did and falling apart because money is spent on it The J. P. Morgan Chase see Jammie Demon recently said about the US side. We are unable to build bridges. Were unable to build airports out in a city. School kids are not graduating. It's almost embarrassing. Being an American citizen. And there's all sorts of reasons why but the BICYC- answer is that the American public sector just doesn't have the money required to pay for the stuff at night to do taxes too low so the only are we. CD ranks its members. Several expert and United States comes in full to last textbook and twenty five point nine percent substantially less than the always eighty average. Thirty four point two so as a comparison between the US and Canada the Reuters. It's quite simple. When Canadian governments need more money that rise taxes can either not thrilled when this happened? But as justice Oliver Wendell behind junior put it taxes. The price paid for civilized society among American Roy. By contrast the conversation about taxes often stains infused with magical thinking specifically it is imagine that even severe in abruptly implemented tax cuts will serve to actually increase government revenue. This is this whole supply supply side theory. It doesn't work. It's been debunked so an article because he makes the point that the life in Canada him he pays ten percent more tax the US but the universal healthcare is world class public schools as a social safety net. Liz Infrastructre like these. He's of things with pine four in d listener. What point is not just screwing decay system? They're gonNA start on L. Welfare system not so long ago it was earlier in Geelong along by the Daily Telegraph part of the Murdoch. Stable of Piper's put at at a future shock front page which was meant to be life. One hundred is after the election action of Shorten Library government so it was sort of a fake front-page pretending to be one hundred years down the track underlie the Front government in the end of starting what was happening in the world and it was doing on the basis of these terrible things that where we're a nail happening. Why was us for having a shoe wouldn't live at government? But these are the things I listed included on the list of alleged indicators of looming I'll paint dystopia was the fact that businesses wouldn't get a tax cut under Labor penalty. Right cuts for work would be overturned and the top marginal rate for personal tax would be higher. Schools would get more money. We would be more ambitious. On renewable energy banks would be subject to a a real commission and same sex marriage be legalized with EILLY. Telegraph was putting. That forward is all bad. Things is probably my straight. As would've they say good when looking at it so it's just an example of mid on Christ he's out of touch with what's really needed here and instill on this. We've got an article from Russ Gittens Brisbane Times along I will economist and He's quieting Ben Banenky former chairman of the US Federal Federal Reserve who gave a speech titled When Growth Is Not Enough and so this is a former champion of the Federal Reserve in that speech. The first thing he mentions or says is a war going. TRAINED IS STAG Nick. Stagnant earnings things for the median worker since nineteen seventy non real output per person in the. US I has expanded by cumulative. Eighty percent ain't in it. During that time median weekly earnings of full-time employees fulltime workers have crowned by only seven percent. In real terms comes in almost all that growth is explained by how I just and working out for women for Mile Wick is real medium Liam weekly earnings have actually declined since nineteen seventy nine. I mentioned earlier about the ability to move through the social classes. Will that's declined in America and again from this been banenky speech. Ninety percent of Americans born in the nineteen forties would eventually earned more than their parents did but I only fifty percent of is born in the nineteen eighties could end up any more than their parents so it used to be the norm. I've a whelming late. Nine nine out of ten would end up any more than parents down to fifty fifty a couple of other things. He he mentioned this worrying trends in the US increasing social dysfunction and political alien nation distrust of institutions nations etc.. Is that so. That's big problems coming from the right wing And the answer will the next question is will. What is the lift doing in the world in response to this and and there's an article which I really thought what providing is basically signing will suggesting that it's in America America's Kayce? It's almost too light and listen to. This is an Australian podcast. I now reading on a bed America on doing it because we follow them inside many wise and the influences from them I I hear hype sort of indicated a sort of show these as possible future scenarios for us us and we just going to make sure that we head for the Star Trek version and not the Matrix version. Where we'RE GONNA go to here thinking about my so at the risk of being even more? US centric in this particular episode. Let's have a look at this particular article which says I'm talking about what what's the lift doing. What can it do? And this article is titled On Rural America Understanding in the problem in the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump. A common theme was the Democrats filed to understand what working working class fly America by fly with. I mean people never actually travel roy in the states. They just fly from nothing to say that fly of sites near the pool are traditionally Republican states in the Yeah so what this character person is saying in. His article is that trump's a he or shame but it's quite clear to me that he or she with me for saying see if I can say Cillian ninety nine and the article apologies. I'm just GONNA assume a shea and see what happens. She grew up up in rural Christian White America in a flyover state and actually out to God because he speaks his lighter on a bad dieting. Girls L. side it's gone. Hey says the real problem isn't east coast elites not understanding or caring about rural America. The real problem is rural. America doesn't understand the causes of their situation and fees and they have no interest in Shawnee out. They don't want to know why I feel the lie to will what are struggling. Because I don't want to admit it is in large part because of the choices that might aide and horrible things that allowed themselves to believe. Sometimes when I think of these d listener with the sort of rural America acre flow ever states. I kind of think of Pauline Hanson supporters to a large extent just come to mind as the classic equivalent now trying scenario. Anyway he guys on. I grew up in rural Christian. One America the problem isn't that I'd I understand Stanley's people the problem is they dine understand themselves. What America in what America the Christian Christian God is king figuratively and literally systems built on a fundamentalist framework not conducive the introspection expection questioning learning or change? He says here. I've had hundreds of discussions with rural white Americans and whenever I present them any information that will contradict the entrenched beliefs. No matter how sound Helen questionable how obvious by will not ever enter time. The possibility it might be true. Their refusal is a result of the night of the fundamentalist godless belief system and the fact on the enemy. Because I'm an educated liberal at some point during the discussion that your education talking will be said derogatorily as genuine as a general January dismissal of everything. I've said they truly believe this is a legitimate response because to them. Education is not to be trusted. Nothing about them is very susceptible to propaganda rule. Christians White Americans have let in Anti Intellectual Anti Sant's bigoted racists into the system as experts. Because I tell them what they wanted to hear because I sell themselves as being one of them. The truth is that none of these people aretz on that rule Christians except Taylor can exploit them for attention and money since facts and reality Meta nothing you can. Side of them will alter their beliefs. President Obama was born in Kenya. Yeah he's a secret number of the MUSLIM BLAH Brotherhood heights water Americans and is going to take away the guns I mean I just see that fact and is do you know what does China the beliefs of fundamentalist sometimes and something becomes personal. Many of fundamentalists have China they minds about the LGBT cute community once they loved ones starts coming out the closet. Many have not have done side because of their personal experience coming to rick conflict with what I believe I agree with that. I think this It's been apparent Australia over. The thought that when people sons and daughters and nieces and nephews and grandchildren come out it has been guy then hardline Christian views start to wither ally. And I think I think the same will happen with voluntary euthanasia if people see enough palmful experiences of death it will become personal. But there's lots of issues in society that you just can't Mike personal you can't reduce to a personal level and the article bicycle says it's really saint unlikely that they're a wise to change the minds minds of those people so women reached that point yet. We've got a bunch of guys in charge of education system who heading in that direction. So we've got time in. We can do things. What can the lift do? What is it doing? What is the lifting Julia and worldwide will unfortunately unfortunately at this very moment it seems to me that the left is just fucking Iran with identity politics and ignoring the really shoes that are affecting the constituents that they should be looking after been following right helping earth that comment on that on the Kenan Malik blog and he wrote some interesting things actually and he made the point? That How many times has the guardian infamous? left-wing newspaper published a story that working class difficulties of the past a few years. I only to say it attract virtually no commentary or reaction of any Cohen whatsoever from a radio. The generally can't it's mass shot about anything. The silence in itself is proof of the extent and strength of class bigotry on the lift where identity politics completely dominates attitudes and discourse. I think he's done right if you were guardian article and aimed. We're just talking about issues of of the difficulties for working class. People caused by globalization. Ashen or things that you'll get virtually no comments but if you touch on the subject of identity politics well it'll be on the right light. Wing is happy with the identity politics to bite because it doesn't cost them anything and it allows the G. Signaling and a sort of a pine lous environment cy. This is an article from the chronicle by Walter Michaels and basically signed that cultural appropriation is a distraction. From a distraction from the real menace of inequality. The the students at elite American universities come overwhelmingly from.

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