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Morning, July 20 as we continue with handle on the news, Jennifer Jones, Lee Wayne's out and me The word that was used is alarmed. That's what a couple of top leaders in the House said Sunday when they were asked about The president sending thes tactics I guess of sending in federal inspectors to investigate what went down in Portland. And they said the Democrats are now looking into the use of federal law enforcement agencies to go against the First Amendment. Federal police Federal cops outright that or not, they they're not. There's no sign Ege, FBI or Homeland security or any of that it's strictly police and they're part of dealing with the protesters. Does it do you have to, or kin? The president say things are out of control here and bringing in federal police now and it's it's a little complicated. First of all, Federal police are generally not allowed to be deal in local policing issues. But this is the reason here is protection of federal property. Which is allowed and the president can declare martial law across the country and do damn near anything he wants. He can send federal troops and you send the army and he can send virtually anybody or anything in but we're a very long ways and what we saw from what I saw the video. It wasn't federal property that was being protected. It was. They were simply part of the riot police that were out there dealing with the protesters, You know, also keep in mind that a police building was burnt. Yes. Ah, there were rocks and bottles thrown at the police, which tend to be tends to be ignored by those that argue that it's nothing but excessive Police force. Is that enough, though, then to say OK, the federals? No, not the belts. No. All right. You know, it was sad because last week there were a couple of instances where somebody had erroneously tweeted that representative John Lewis, his dot had died. But he did die on Friday with extraordinary.

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