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We were getting into how cool Porsche is. And that people always ask what's Ellen light. But they always ask what portions like. And I always go first of all if you think she's beautiful when you see on TV, she's even more beautiful on person. She's the most stylish woman, I know like lorries of signed my wife is obsessed with kind. She's smart. She has a business, and she most importantly, she's cool. Cool and the most talented actress. Yes. L in my mcbeal. I know that was a while ago. Yes, you were. And then my gosh, arrested development. You're so good at everything you tackle. It's just. Yes. She is. And now businesswoman. Yeah. No. I thought I'd quit acting and try doing something else for a change. So, yeah, it's been it's been awesome. It's been any parts. You miss of the acting. You know, I was I'm I'm missed being around funny people like you guys at I also live with me. Before you came as you said, you're at work. I really did say that so hard to please. The groups the energy of being around super funny. People arrested development everyone in that cast is just so Larry. And you know, we kind of had a report like you guys have. And and you know, you make each other laugh every day. And that's about the only thing that I miss other than the fact that my wife is hilarious funny. She is energy. And we we thank you that you share her so much with us because we pinch ourselves every day at this ridiculous, job and luck that we've had six. Yeah. Is crazy. Honestly, I have to thank you guys for making her laugh every day. Oh, that's awesome. She loves coming to work, and she loves being with you all and I mean, it's amazing. It's I'm so glad I created the Ellen show. Just makes me to Hear hear that that. sound. So that just feels good just noticed that your mic is closer to your mouth and anyone else's says it's because it's usually a problem. I usually turns away from the my hair he tells me, I'm not loud enough sometimes. And as as host that's important for the host to be heard when we don't have Ellen Porsche on the podcast this level of attentiveness does not exist. Porsche just returned from a little trip to Canada. Yes. Yes. We sold out some arenas and did some Q in a. And then they loved when when she was on stage. I'm so glad she wasn't gonna come with me because she's got a job and she's trying to make this business grow bigger. And and she wasn't going to come. But I'm so glad you did. It was so much fun because so much will get excited came out the end like we well, she'll dragged me out of standing idly by while the world goes crazy. Diane Lockhart is and so is the cast that critically acclaimed legal drama, the good fight. Join the fight by streaming the new season premiering March fourteenth exclusively on CBS all access. Tune in to see if.

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