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Thursday with that good chance for rain and showers and breezy throughout the day channel four chief meteorologist carla redondo's pinpoint forecast is minutes away and opd has recovered a body from the water near west dan were a man jumped in after a car that crashed into the canal wwltv's kristen pierce reports from the lakefront emotional day for family and friends that frank williams police say a body recover from lake pontchartrain today appears to fit in his description now yesterday to men were in a vehicle when they drove over the dock insulate carter chang four people jumped in to try to save them frank williams was one of them and he was the only only one who never made it backup recorder will conduct an autopsy and id the body louisiana is experiencing a blustery and raw day it's going to be like this at least for the short term is we hear from wwl michelle southern filled griggs near the national weather service inside out says some of us may even see a winter remix thursday night into friday morning a good time or not really expecting a accumulation because we can be pretty ripe precipitation but temperatures are gonna get bound right around freezing especially for north of i 10 this weekend will be clear but grigsby says he'll still be bundling up but could the bitter cold actually put some folks in the mood for holiday shopping lsu professor john rise says it's possible but then again need my go the other way clearly feet from our shortterm walk through to the weather keeping people were fried if it ought to go out monotonous rice says one thing for sure on why numbers are warrior up again the no marshall black cry fiber monday weekend look really strong i think two percent that i saw with somewhere in the neighborhood sixteen percent increase in online sales for the weekend at least from one source david wage wwl first news channel four chief meteorologist.

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