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6 7 8 5 5 three 90 90 I'm Jim burris and I'm joined by ayesha Hyman our vice president of business development to keep us updated today on what progress we're making How are we doing We are doing all right Jim But before I go to that I got to say that last report just kind of blew my mind 90% of the emissions are happening in 18 communities Wow that's the kind of information that I think to myself Where else would I have learned that other than right here on W ABE So thank you Jim and to NPR and all of your colleagues reporters who do that work to keep us informed on what's happening in our communities And yes we are in the final moments gem of our fall member drive and I'm here to give you an update We are at 86% of our goal for the overall member drive So we are very close to meeting our overall goal And that makes us happy But not happy enough because we want to get to a 100% right So that means you giving right now when you make your gift for support you're making that kind of reporting that kind of eye opening really moment that I think we all just had you make that possible when you make your contribution And when you do you'll automatically be entered into this drawing for an REI gift card I don't want to I guess point out the obvious all the time but you know we know that the gift cards aren't necessarily the reason that you make your contribution to W ABE but perhaps it is the extra reason for you to do it now while we as we get down to the wire This incentive is really just a bonus your chances of winning are really great right now they are one in 54 because that's the number of folks we've heard from since we started this drawing today and it goes away at the end of all things considered at around 6 30 But why wait Do it now.

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