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Around him that can do that if that's the case then i think things look better there but i'm a little suspicious of what's going on in oakland and how it's all gonna turn out dan glaviano espn nfl insider with us here what did you make of this report and i know it's now been somewhat refuted in different circles of the patriots allegedly looking to trade up for baker mayfield i know that some reporters have said there's no chance that would happen i i didn't think that even sounded right when baker's agent put that out there what do you know about that i was told before the draft that mayfield was one of the quarterbacks and the patriots white yeah i mean look to get the two from where they were wasn't realistic so i mean i think it is easy to shoot that report down because you know the giants weren't going to sell that pick obviously the browns we're gonna take me feels another matters but it did to get as high as they would have had to get for mayfield i just like the patriots would ahead to give up you know most their first this year both are seconds this year maybe something next year this is not a move they're gonna make right so but i i know they were poking around on quarterback and you know it it's not is forty one or will be forty one on the season starts and we know he's superman but you know not he will not play forever and this draft if you had a guy you like i mean there's four guys won the top ten like this was the draft is to poke around and say hey can we maybe do this 'cause maybe next year's group isn't as good maybe the year after is not as good maybe there's not a.

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