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From NPR and WBUR Boston I'm talking mostly I'm robin young coming up as Americans are told this could be the saddest weakened a generation's there nine eleven doctors in Pittsburgh say they found a way to prevent more covert nineteen deaths none of us are going to know how effective our vaccines are until we get them into clinical trials also so many have lost or will lose loved ones to come at nineteen how will our ways of dealing with grief have to change I would almost encourage us to think about how we can connect not just your immediate loved ones but to other people who are suffering the same kind of dissonance and in the Middle Ages he survived several plagues and then put him in his place the plague William Shakespeare coming up here now the news is first live from NPR news in Washington I'm Lakshmi saying with Americans possibly facing the toughest week yet New York governor Andrew Cuomo says he's further cracking down on those who violate social distancing rules with the state approaching the peak of coronavirus infections and peers Windsor Johnson reports the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state has surpassed one hundred thirty thousand with more than forty seven hundred deaths under Cuomo says he's extending the state's social distancing guidelines through April twenty ninth and is doubling the fine for anyone who violates the policy two thousand dollars speaking at his daily briefing the governor also said the state's health care system is at maximum capacity people can't work any harder the staff can't working harder and staying at this level is problematic and if we are plateauing is because social distancing is work almost as hospitals are still in dire need of medical supplies including protective masks gloves and ventilators as the state approaches a peak in the number of coronavirus infections Windsor Johnston NPR news Michigan's been watching how New York is handling the outbreak as the midwestern state prepares for the same the state is reporting more than fifteen thousand cases and at least six hundred deaths from covert nineteen doctor today called on the chief deputy director of Michigan's health and Human Services says the choice convention centers getting ready to service backup for area hospitals so we believe at the end of this week will be able to start seeing patients at the TCS center doesn't mean will immediately see a thousand patients but we will have enough staff to start seeing our patients as they were transferred from other hospitals data show the disease appears to be disproportionately affecting African Americans this racial demographic makes up roughly fourteen percent of the state's population with African Americans account for more than a third of coronavirus cases in the state Wisconsin governor Tony Evers has issued an executive order to postpone tomorrow's prime June ninth the GOP controlled legislature had resisted a delay the U. S. supreme court's been asked to weigh in the intergovernmental panel on climate change is giving scientists an additional six weeks to review part of the panel's latest assessment we have an update from NPR's Rebecca Hersher the I. P. C. C. is currently working on its sixth major assessment of climate science the massive report takes hundreds of scientists and years of revisions that usually happen at in person meetings around the world that has all changed because of the pandemic the I. P. C. C. says the group of scientists who were originally supposed to submit their edits on a chapter about the latest physical science will have an extra six weeks to do so because of the pandemic disruptions another group of climate scientists who were supposed to meet in Ecuador in mid April to discuss the chapter on climate change mitigation will instead have a virtual meeting the full assessment is expected in mid twenty twenty two Rebecca Hersher NPR news this is NPR live from KQED news I'm Brian white one of the bay area's largest refineries is cutting back on operations and selling key parts of its infrastructure to deal with the major drop in demand for oil stemming from the corona virus pandemic KQED's Ted Goldberg reports sheltered home orders aimed at slowing the spread of the corona virus have led to a huge drop in travel as a result both the demand for gasoline and gasoline prices are plummeting and that's hitting the bottom line for oil companies including those running the region's refineries PBF energy which recently bought the old shell refinery in Martinez has announced it's selling to hydrogen plants the facility for hundreds of millions of dollars the company is also reducing spending at the Contra Costa county facility state energy officials say California's refineries are taking in and processing less crude oil for gasoline diesel and jet fuel I'm Ted Greenberg KQED news the Palo alto city council is taking its first look at its potential budget short for falls from the corona virus pandemic today although some small businesses in the city's downtown area have shut down and laid off workers technology companies might have an easier time of converting to work from home but city council member listen this says the shelter in place orders can still have a negative effect even if you're used to working at home businesses really flourish more on person to person contact no matter whether you're a tech company or not no function better with human interaction long term a city financial report projects up to a twenty million dollar loss to Palo alto's general fund this.

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