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We have the old tree trade during the offseason of people without really knowing much about Ogle tree were just excited that something was done at linebacker. I'm not sure how excited those people continued to be ones alkyl tree played. But I think that's going to be another topic. Will will we'll take it easy on oaktree in this in this episode but off ball linebacker is what we're going to talk about and that is different than than edge and pass rushing linebackers. So these are just going to be guys that are typically the inside it's hype linebackers the guys who are going to be defending the run the middle of the field, the linebackers whose main responsibility is not going to be rushing the passer yet, this isn't to say they don't ever rush the passer. Event has obviously will lit softball linebackers. You know, sent him through the A or B gaps that sort of thing. But these are the guys who are. Cleaning up after defensive lineman in the run game or dropping coverage on running backs and tight ends over the middle as opposed to rushing downhill off the edge. Right. Yeah. Very different distinct responsibilities. So think of the difference in responsibility like this year between in Alec will tree and like a Renzo Carter or Kareem. Martin those are the differences Ogle tree is off. Lol linebacker, and he does still blitz having the ability to blitz from that position is definitely a plus. So it's not like, they don't rush the passer at all. But just different responsibilities on the field. And those are the guys because we already had the edge podcast where we looked over the guys who are going to be those pass rushers. So today, we're going to shift a to the off ball linebacker. Yeah. And there is definitely a. Difference in the I would say depth of this draft between edge and off ball linebacker at the edge class, at least depending on which underclassmen come out is going to be absolutely stacked. This one is going to be a little bit. It's can be shallow. And I think we're going to have to kinda look a little bit deeper for those diamonds in the rough. Yeah. This is a position that one is not valued as highly as maybe it has been in the past as the NFL has switched to more passing the dominant run stuffing middle linebacker is not really that big of a thing anymore. I we did see some go. Hi, we this year with Roque on Smith. And then there was a Tremaine Edmunds. So there are still players there who can have value at that position on we see players like Mckee. And Bobby Wagner are having dumb and performances at that position. But overall, it's still a position that is not as highly regarded and as valued as it used to be in the past definitely. And I think if you look at those players broke Smith Tremaine Edmonds, Bobby Wagner, those types of guys. If you look at them, they're all highly athletic players, they can move and they can play in space and cover a big area of the middle of the field. And they can come down field fill gaps or they can drop into pretty sizable coverage areas as great as he was a decade in change ago. Antonio Pierce probably could not play today or at least not be three down linebacker. Yeah. That's that's true. His his role DeWitt have a need to have been adjusted at some point..

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