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I have a more difficult time talking. And articulating my thoughts when it's not just on the fly back if I'm trying to go back, and edit it in for whatever reason, I feel like I just can't think clearly right? I need that pressure of it's live. Dammit, you need to do it. Now, you're not going to be able to do it so fair ago, and Luke BAC or two locations. I've just started playing with them. So I'm sure there's more to them than what I've talked about here. But I think in the future. I'm gonna be able to use them for the podcast, right? Okay. Adam what's your next pick? You don't have a lot of apps that are sort of that are sort of cross platform. So you know, I. And I wanted to bring up one that I used for just doing my research still big into our s and I guess some people are saying like this is going away. I don't know. So like, I need to aggregate content. Like, I go through hundreds of MAC articles for the prep for my show every week. And so there's no way I could do that by going to individual websites or I'd even tried using. What's the reader thing that apple has built in to to far enough? I'm gonna blink on the name of it. Isn't it just called reading reading list? I think a ring list, and you. You know, it's sort of like tries to be a little aggregated, but I really need a dedicated app for it. And so I've been a fan and user of reader R E R, which is just reading up, and and I have it hooked in to feed been is it feed been you can basically tie it in two different services that will sink. So none of us to be able to use Google Google had a service for like sinking your RSS, your RSS feeds. But now. That went away, and I had to use something else when called feed Ben. And I don't know why it's not showing me feed -ly. That's the one that using oh why that's been around for a long time. So feed bins another one. But basically all that does is let you sort of sink, your podcast that you're you're RSS feeds that if I'm reviewing articles in reader on my MAC, and I've already seen one or flagged one for, you know, hey, I want to include or talk about this one in the show or something I it syncs between my ipad, and my MAC, and I'm doing a lot of work between my ipad, my MAC. So I have a whole host of apps like that so readers one of those east from RS feeds another one that's in really valuable to me is Omni outlander, which is how I do my show notes from from Omni group. And again, they have a sinking service. So there's a lot of apps that I use it a really important that hey, I need to be able to work on my ipad work on my MAC. It doesn't really matter where I'm at. I just want to be able to pick up what I have next to me and be able to use an app and have a similar similar experience. So I'm one of those people that sort is transitioning more and more to using my ipad, and again, bring back controversy using my pad more and more as a replacement for my back book. I mean, my MAC book pro more and more sitting left sitting on my desk almost like a desktop, and I'm using my ipad pro to do things like show notes. And so a lot of the apps that I used for the podcast or things like reader the reader on the outline or. I also use Ulysses which I mentioned earlier, which is just it's a markdown application. Again, part of set up. So I use that for for notes on occasion too. And so you're I had pro hasn't totally replaced your map. But pro yet I would say it's probably eighty twenty yet. There's a few. There's ample things I'm I'm a web developer. And programmer, I mentioned so some of that stuff's kind of really hard to do in less. You're doing it totally in the cloud on the ipad. There are apps that will let me edit code. And I have you know. FTP clients and stuff like that. But it it's a workflow that I haven't put together, and it would take some time to put together..

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