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This is the guardian. Welcome to politics. Weekly extra. I'm jonathan freedland. And this week. I hosted a special guardian live. Aventura spoke to the former secretary of state and former democratic presidential nominee. Hillary rodham clinton america's stopped last weekend to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks and hillary clinton and i talked about her memories of that day where she was what she felt given that she was the senator for new york at the time we talked about how american politics has changed since those attacks and whether or not the action the united states took after nine eleven particularly in afghanistan had made the world a safer place whether it had all been in vain. We talked about feminism. We talked about the white lotus on tv and we talked about whether she would ever consider running for the white house again. This was all conversation. Hillary rodham clinton it is an absolute pleasure to have you with us with four. This guardian live event. Thanks so much for joining us from your home. In chappaqua new york. I've been having conversations over the last few days and weeks with people about nine eleven and the first question to all of them is what i'm going to put to you first tonight which is just. Where were you on nine. Eleven what do you remember of that day. I was on my way to the senate For my day of work when the first plane hit and we thought like so many did that it was just a terrible tragic accident. And i drove to the senate building and on my way the second plane hit so by then we knew of course it was not an accident. It was an act of terrorism Our staff as was the entire senate and the congress being evacuated to safety because there was a very legitimate fear that the next target would be the us capitol. because i was a senator. My colleague and i chuck schumer a flew to new york. The next day and i will never forget i. We were the only plane in the sky. Besides fighter jets that were providing a a cap a cover over the east coast. Then we got into a helicopter at laguardia airport and flew over ground zero And it was truly as much of a depiction of hell dante's inferno whatever. One wants to envision much more overwhelming than the tv screen. Which of course had to limit what it saw. And i spent the entire day than in new york before Going back to washington late that night to start working on on the recovery program that was needed. Did you imagine zane that the consequences of what you had just seen from the air as you went over in that helicopter the political consequences of that would be enduring for twenty years. And i'm thinking specifically because it was a matter of days later it was on september the eighteenth Two thousand one way. You and the entire senate voted on the authorization of military force which gave the president george w bush then a mandate really to do whatever he decided he needed to do. Did think then that it was possible. The united states troops forces would be in afghanistan for twenty years jonathan. I don't think any of us really could have foreseen at that time. What the next twenty years would bring..

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