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San Francisco Oakland San Jose humilis station Congress and gun laws immigration raid reaction pine Evan Haining Democrats running for president for calling for tighter background checks for gun buyers in McAllen Texas speaker Nancy Pelosi said the house has already taken action xenophobia white supremacy and availability of guns are an explosive combination that we must disconnect we must have back a common sense background checks which we have passed in the house Republican representative Steve Scalise told CBS's face the nation that in his opinion the bills Palos he referred to won't work because the shooters and and both in el Paso in in Dayton past background checks so her bill would apply to them but her bill is very dangerous and a number of ways of how it stops law abiding people from being able to transfer guns in canton Mississippi young Catholics marched in protest of last week's immigration raids that swept up nearly seven hundred workers at food processing plants correspondent Nick Valencia says the raids of terrified children in the community more than a quarter of the Latino students in a local district didn't show up for school on Thursday the day after the raids and on Friday the entire school district went on lockdown after it received what it described as suspicious phone calls causing more fear in a community that's already shaken a convict suspected of killing a corrections administrator in escaping from the West Tennessee state penitentiary on a tractor has been captured Jeff long is the state safety commissioner always a great day in state of Tennessee when you get a danger scramble like this off the street get my branded back in custody forty four year old Curtis ray Watson surrendered as he came out of a soybean field ten miles from the prison he escape from on Wednesday in desoto county Florida sheriff's deputies discovered a cache of weapons including a live hand grenade the weapons turned up one narcotics unit conducted a traffic.

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