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Would like to thank Hillary Clinton for having a stick her nose into the whole new thing the hurricane situation because it enabled me to go back to the Schnitt show archives and pull out some well some I think funny jingles and of course here's Hillary saying on Twitter this morning we should not new hurricanes. and then I of course reminded you and Hillary that you shouldn't nuke your hard drives your private servers smash cell phones do everything possible to destroy evidence it cetera lose thousands and thousands of emails prop one. shouldn't that you'll know for those items either Hillary Clinton just too easy and well I I dug up some a small jingles from the Schnitt show archives and you know one of the ways you know this right one of the ways that Hillary Clinton. you as you might have heard of the acid washing via a program called bleach bath to really destroy all the data was I'm not an IT expert I'm not a computer expert over here but I think we've all heard the stories that you might re format a hard drive you might try to worry so hard drive but still there are sectors of what you have there they're still details in and you know pesky little ones and zeros in little buying there was little love **** that remains so how do you really effectively destroy a hard drive will clearly if you really want to destroy you I mean you grab a hammer you searched a smashing stuff apparently that's what your Hillary's folks to get at least about your cell phones it cetera what there is a a program in there several out there but one is called bleach bits which will go in and and really a race the data and not leave remnants whereby you don't have to actually physically take a hammer and starts smashing crap to smithereens what another way and a lot of folks didn't know this and apparently they never went with this advertising campaign but I got my hands on the jingles which I thought were fantastic you know one of the ways that that Hillary actually did try to clean up a clean up some of the private server hard drive space well here listen to this you'll you'll get a good idea of a a well known company and they they were apparently going to start advertising this but the campaign never took off for some reason. your. Salih steamers your hard drive cleaner as well so I'm apparently I think Hillary call them..

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