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Worries in Missouri about the Corona virus is a major event kicks into high gear in the Lake of Ozarks region. Last year's bike faster, roughly 125,000 people. This year's event, which kicked off on Wednesday, runs through the weekend health advocates and criticizing governor Mike Parson for allowing such an event with no restrictions on many Missouri schools remain closed. Similar concerns were raised last month over the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, which has been linked to an uptick in covert 19 infections. Todd Sauder, ABC news, saying Louis Providence College in Rhode Island's moving to full remote classes for a week after more than 80 students tested positive for covert, 19 school's president says in an E mail. This is basically the last chance to save this semester because if they can't slow the spread, it will be all distance learning for the fall. A former dentist from Alaska, caught on a viral video extracting a tooth while riding a hoverboard is heading to prison. The video drew the attention of investigators to Seth look hard, who eventually was condemned, convicted on nearly 50 counts, including fraud and illegal practice of dentistry. He's been sentenced to 12 years behind bars. One of the most famous movie characters ever. Hello, my name's sports. Forrest Gump and the author who wrote the book. First, Bringing Forest A Life has passed away. Novelist Winston Groom wrote the book Forrest Gump in 1968. He died in Fair Hope, Alabama at 77. This is ABC News. Ready to create your own income with your own home based business where there's no such thing is getting laid off. If a billionaire entrepreneur spent five years in $20 million searching for the next big trend, wouldn't you want to know what he found? If you're serious about.

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