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According to oecd data another indicator of the powerful correlation between high levels of immigration and sustain economic dining diner dine dynamism finally immigrants legal or otherwise make better citizens than native born americans more entrepreneurial more churchgoing less likely to have kids out of wedlock far less likely to commit crime these are the kind of attributes republicans claim to admire so that is from red stevens in the new york times saying that in reality we actually need more immigrants for the workforce and to support i mean let's face it if we have forty million americans in twenty twenty over the age of sixty five and by twenty fifty or twenty forty mil look at that again twenty ten there were forty million americans over sixtyfive by twenty fifty number will be closer to ninety million so it's going to more than double over the next thirty years twenty two percent of the population thing about we hear about right now the drains on social security from how many people are so security and how long were living we don't get more workers in the workforce putting more money into social security to help prop that up we could be in trouble map ewbal here with seven twenty wgn welcome to total wine and more so i challenge you to wine tasting show down maybe we should just explore some wine if you can't blow me away with the wind you must admit defeat.

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