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Very distinct. It's so masculine. Yeah. My new band road case royal, we opened for Bob Seger last year. How was that? For quite a few shows. Wow. It was so cool. It was like the best matchup of any bands because in my new band live warfield is the singer who opened for us at the Hollywood Bowl. Yeah. The night you did the parking. Thank you for remembering. We did it together and that you did the power of the other. We'd say we did it together. Yeah. The night that we did a power economy. Jenny is going to be insufferable. So yeah, you know, it's gonna be nuts. This is going to move and with her from here. Yeah, yeah. When I do stand up, that's how I'm gonna be introduced. I would not be on. You did a power kick with fancy words. We're gonna be blocked on social media, but go on. Yeah, so when I joined, I moved up to Vancouver basically and, you know, learned how to be in a loud rock band and not just an acoustic band. Yeah. And it was a price of an education for sure. I mean, it was how old are you? Hit the ground running. Like for you. When 19 when I was you started with harder when a Cal were you and heart originally formed? Well, they formed before me and Anne were ever in it. Oh, white heart from Seattle. Oh, really? Some of the original guys. You know, we're in. But when Anne came along, it completely flipped the whole planet around. You know, it became hard and it was Anne's band. Yeah. Then I joined a little bit later in probably 70 four. And I'll go back in the year of our lord. 1974. I remember 74. 1974. I'm happy to have someone older on the couch than I am at the podcast. But. I was ten. Wow. So there you go. There you go. There you go. So, you know, I just learned by trial by fire and learned how to try to distinguish singing my singing voice on a loud. Really, really loud stage with just wedges and no inner monitors those days. So the guys in the band were like, are you kidding? You're going to bring your sister. You know, they really didn't. Like the idea at all. And was that more motivating to you? Or were you like, thanks? I'm from a Marine Corps background. So I didn't care what they thought. I just do it. Aspect of it, it's no secret that you are an attractive person. And when you got into the just being because you're an amazing guitar player. Just are. And I talked to guitar players all the time and I do. I do. I love musicians and I really talk back to you. They do. They say, why won't this guy get why is this guy cock walking me? I want to talk to him. But no, you're just really known for that. Did you find did you have that to overcome or was it helpful that your sister was in the band and was so killer that they accepted you as a good guitar? I think it took the band a while to kind of accept me into it. And I had to be a real show off, you know, in order to. Now did your sister like take up for you? She protected me. She older sister older sister stuff. Yeah. And you know, while it was kind of getting my sea legs and trying to learn how to be cool on stage and not just look at my feet the whole time, right? You know? Just look at the exit, you know, just look at the exit. Oh, the first two times I did stand up, I had another comedian come up to me and I was like, hey, it was a great set. You know, if you look up. Yes. Exactly. Like, look up and sort of looking at your feet. It'll have more of a like, oh yeah, so they didn't like it when I walked up and just stared at my feet and told jokes. Exactly. No, it's true, until you see your skill. It is I mean, some people like us are natural. To kind of lift your face to the light. I think yeah, look, basically, stare into the light. Basically, you're like staring into the abyss because you can't really see anything, but in front of you. Kind of the shadows. Yeah. Figures in shadow. I hope they're enjoying it. Yeah. Well, you know, you can always get a read when you can hear and feel what they're feeling or laughing. Or listening, but, you know, I was I was scared to ever look directly at people because if they just slightly kind of yawn for a second, you're like, oh yeah. You know, they hate it. What am I doing? I'm not worthy. Exactly. So the exit sign. Did heart without the Nancy less heart ever had did they have did they charge at all? Did heart chart without. Though there were no. First album was made with me in the band. Oh, that's great. Yeah. What was when did you know, like this is not a hobby? Like when did you know I don't have to rely on that degree? I just got. You know what I mean? Or things like that. What was the moment? I knew that we were good. That's good. And the era that we just come through like the late 60s and the 70s that kind of music was very enlightened of songs and opuses and all kinds of stuff. Yeah, what's going on then? And we had it in our minds. We had it like we were aimed like pistols to be good and to do it well. Yeah. To be accomplished and to be different, just by nature of the fact there was two of us two girls. Fronting a rockman. Yeah. Didn't really happen. No. Rarely happens now. So we were just dogged and we just decided we were just going to take it take it and run with it. What was the and it worked? What was the first time? I always think about that. Do you ever see that movie that thing you do? Yes. So there's that scene and it's my you know exactly the scene I'm talking about. It's the most joyful scene and it's like put you in that, but it's a moment where that band hears their song on the radio. Yeah. What was that moment for you? What was that? Do you remember where you were? Tell me about that. Well, I was in the car with Anne. I'm so excited. In Vancouver, BC, and we were just leaving the grocery store with the week's worth of groceries for the round house that the whole band all lived in. And you know, we all worked there and played there. Wow. Lived there. You know, my bed was the bag of water on a cement floor in the basement. But your favorite dudes, you know? Like a 60 pound sack of brown rice and that's about it. So we were in the car coming back from the grocery store, and we heard the magic Manson. Oh, yeah. And we're like, no. You know. And we were like, pull over, pull over, pull over. And that we had to stop and just scream. And also magic man was the first big. This is a big one. That's the first big moment. Is it true that that was about Charlie Manson? No. So you absolutely unsure? Because you've obviously, if I've heard the rumor for so many that's like a weird urban myth is no, but it's a little bit like the one that always drove me crazy and it's obviously such a different song. But that puff the magic dragon was about smoking weed. And it's like, listen to the song. It's the giving tree. It's like, it's about, but I was like, but I know. I was like, I remember truly, I think I was like in, I must have been in 6 or 7th grade in my first band called gas. The cast is a great name to a great twos. It doesn't even matter. It doesn't matter to us. Whatever. We might have done a Paradise by the dashboard later. It doesn't even matter. But I remember somebody telling me that that song was you know, it's like the it's like in the air and I just about Phil's Collins watching somebody. It's like those things become legendary. Well, I just heard something about Elton John. Yeah. Daniel, like I'd always thought that he had like a little brother that died or.

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