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And she actually got politically active, and I think she got in effect shut some of these. Things down, which is awesome. You know, the people want to turn the light switch on and expect power to be delivered. We don't know when we flip the switch coal. Right. Is it solar of win is a nuclear. I don't know. There's there's no label on, there's no special lights, which all it knows when it's cleaned up in generated from the facility in comes into my house at one hundred twenty volt I know what I'm getting it's just it's a c current alternating current. I don't know the source most of us, don't think of it in those terms. But I'll tell you what years ago, I thought of this is in talked to someone about it as, if we would have not been, so I guess, particular nuclear energy, we'd have a lot more new plants in this country. We'd be certainly a lot more efficient when it comes to energy. We'd put less of a strain on the environment as a result of this. But it's the same people who are crying, I don't want this, I want. They're also fighting against nuclear back in the day, chaining themselves to fences and everything else, I get it. It's not a little thing about Three Mile Island back in nineteen seventy nine affording a catastrophe. They're tr- noble is no little thing Fukushima. No little thing these things happen. Doesn't mean we have to tolerate. No, we learned from them and try to do better next time. But everything has some sort of inherent danger to it. Is what I'm saying in in. So it's almost like the people of what the pipeline the Duke pipeline. Okay. They want to put a bigger pipeline, and it's newer it's, it's more advanced less. Things can go wrong. But people don't want it because the old pipeline we hear horror stories from time to time things. But again, if you put the field on trucks, or on railcars doesn't that expose? More people to danger. It's safer to put it onto the ground and on the surface of them. So everything has a ripple effect. I am very, very pro nuclear I think we need more plants quite honestly, slowly. Seven hundred wwl twenty seven hundred w l w looking into the background of another mass killer. I'm Matt Reese, seven hundred wwl w dot com. Virginia governor Ralph Northam asking for prayers today for the victims of the latest mass shootings for.

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