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Of the fifty ninth street bridge path that's got the right lane. Blocked off, and of course that means not only slowdowns to the lower. Level but extra traffic to the upper level heading to Manhattan on the fifty ninth street. Bridge and that's what we have so delays both levels heading towards Manhattan delays also heading to the midtown. Tunnel if you're thinking of using that as an alternate that's because westbound LIE just after van dam street an accident still being cleared still has the left lane shut down Queens-bound at the Whitestone bridge it is moving well it is Bronx bound where you've got, delays at the, Whitestone bridge in fact the delays, extending back onto the Whitestone expressway Byron Linden place it, is, all, because of, roadwork heading to the outbound GWOB on. The westbound cross Bronx it's, about twenty, five. Minutes now from the Sheridan all the, way, out to, both upper and, lower levels, there's construction on, both the outbound upper. And lower level moving well at the Lincoln tunnel also moving well at the Holland, home some better news northbound two, eighty, seven in Franklin township by Exit twelve, that crash cleared away westbound on eighty s you're, getting into route nineteen in Patterson there's some construction there seem on the eastbound side as. You're getting toward exit forty. Three in Parsippany roving construction up to two lanes are blocked off in fact. We are seeing delays right now as you're getting, toward exit thirty four next traffic update less than ten minutes away on WCBS, now let's check on the weather forecast decreasing clouds and more humidity. High today of one. Shower possible yes odds are low in fact less than twenty percent. Overnight tonight, after midnight could see a passing shower there's a better chance. You'll see some rain with an embedded thunderstorms tomorrow high eighty four from CBS news I'm. John Elliott's fair and seventy five now in central park at ten thirty nine governor Cuomo holds a commanding. Two to one lead over rival Cynthia Nixon ahead of the September thirteenth democratic primary but his running mate Lieutenant governor Kathy goal, is locked in a surprisingly close race against Jimani Williams Cuomo Who is running for third, term leads Nixon, sixty percent at twenty nine percent with eleven percent. Undecided this, is in the Sienna college poll but hopeless only head of Williams a Brooklyn councilmember thirty percent to twenty one percent with half. Of those voters undecided for the past, few decades Nassau County police were using the letter the letter. Code, y. for yellow to label, employees of Asian descent the. Nassau County police department spokesperson says in a, statement what was going. On since the early nineteen eighties did not reflect. Any bias toward Asian American or. Native American residents the spokesperson was talking. About how Asian and native American officers were placed in the computer personnel system Asians had a y. for. Yellow by their names native Americans had, an eye, for Indian the New. York Civil. Liberties Union uncovered what was going on director Susan God says it's disturbed Dubbing and she worries about. The, culture within.

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