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And young adults so when it comes to parenting. We've been there done. That bought the t shirt who are still waiting for that day when we'll reach the finish line and have no further need to lay down in a dark room with a wet rag over is worrying about something or other wednesday complaint day here on parenting roundabout and today. We are talking about being too key and in case. You're wondering that's spelled c. H. e. u. g. y. Chugai is it. It's kind of like somebody expanded as kind of a version of basic like if your basic but at the same time it also refers to an outdated fad so but if you but only if you still use it does that make sense okay so for example if you have a t shirt or anything that says girl boss on it. You're tuckey if you have other boots. That's tricky if you are a little if you're a disney adult that's shugi. Oh anything with a wooden sign like from target or homegoods or whatever that says like gather or live laugh love or home is where the heart is. That's tricky And also if you have a merchandise from the office harry potter wars. That's also considered to be so. Do you understand what the word is. I guess but. I still don't quite know. Does this mean delightfully retro and fun or does this mean fusty and con pathetic. This means like i'm looking down on you. 'cause your alright zunes negative it's judgemental say. I'm aware my warm eggs. Because i like him and our care you think is what i would say although i don't have fake drugs from being but so an apparently what made me think about talking about this on our podcast is because we use skype to help facilitate our podcast process and people who use skype are apparently tuckey. Yes super maybe means is marked and thrifty or maybe the actual platform escape is tubing. But then that would make us to users so then were to be like as you should be facetime ing or something. Skype is kind of out like it's not like the people. I did not know their bandwidth for us. Yes that a service like that. Me considered like trendy hot trendy. Apparently instagram is chugai. Well there are degree to which when you are. I don't know say sixty one going on sixty two you get to be tricky and shake to it. It's like it's accepted by eight time of life and so well case. So what do you have in your house or what do you enjoy. That would be considered shugi. I think the question would be. Is there anything that is not no graphic t t-shirts you're carrying i. That curry eggs are toug-. Although i bet they are cups cape you might find you harry now in doing them on purpose there might be some stuff that is like a retro cool though that you have old but it's retro cool but isn't that at risk of becoming too gi at any moment It might be between retro cool and shugi is in the eye of the beholder or the eye of the starker. Not not a a hard and fast division. I don't know. I mean you can always run up by two. Because they say you're doing it at such yuki. I think works near i. It's kinda like anything in two thousand fourteen fifteen. Maybe even before that.

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