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The streaking bulls go to work in Atlanta. I'm northwestern's losing streak reaches nine Kyle Hendricks pitches. Well for the cubs more the socks as well. At forty five in business. This is Len Walter personal income for January posted its first drop over three years folding tenth of a percent PC core index up two tenths right CBS. News update. President Trump to the New York Times. In january. Thirty to do that. I wouldn't do it today. The times is reporting. It was Mr. Trump who overrode intelligence officials and ordered top secret security clearance for his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner governmental ethics expert, Richard painter. This is very very dangerous for our country. Have a president who override decisions about national security in order to accommodate a family member. CBS's? Paula reed. Dob Democrats are now investigating how some ficials in the White House obtained their clearances and could subpoena the White House for more information. In a statement house oversight chairman Elijah Cummings wrote the committee expects full compliance with its request as soon as possible or it may become necessary to consider alternative means to compel compliance time says former chief of staff John Kelly was so upset about the alleged Kushner order he documented in a memo CBS news update. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. WBZ news time seven thirty to the park forest. Police department wants to make sure a badly wounded officer knows that he still on people's mind workforce police officer Tim Jones is twenty-seven years old three years ago while responding to a burglary officer Jones was shot in the head. And despite an initial prognosis he would not survive Jones pull through you still in an intensive rehab program though, now by Facebook the park force. Police department is asking for people to show they continue to support officer Jones.

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