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Optimal dose of melatonin that helps you fall asleep naturally and wake up with no next day Grogginess sequel. Pure Z's Naturally Superior sleep, David said. Ronnie to B Visas traffic on the three in the forecast The wind dies down tonight Partly cloudy and cold Load 25 to 30 Cloudy tomorrow High 35 to 40 snow arrives late tomorrow afternoon into early Monday. Inland areas could get a couple inches of snow. Just rain along the coast Temps in the low to mid thirties. Tomorrow night Mondays, Hi. Closer to 40. Snow could return Monday night into Tuesday, but that would be along the coast. Otherwise mainly cloudy and cold on Tuesday High 35 to 40 Right now it's mostly cloudy and 41 degrees. In Boston Live local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio. Good evening. I'm Suzanne Saz Bill here. The five things you need to know. At 5 45 holidays are behind us. And now covert numbers are expected to spike across the country. Massachusetts sees 8542 new covert cases and 79 more deaths over a two day reporting period. Governor Charlie Baker signs a health care bill that gives full practice authority to nurse practitioners. Three people are arrested in Cranston, Rhode Island, after an officer's pushed surrounded and then run over. We have more on that right now. Three people. Are arrested. Accused of some assaulting police officers and running one of them over with in a TV. WBC's art. Cohen has details. Police in Cranston, Rhode Island, say about 30 people on motorcycles and a TVs were driving recklessly on that Wood Avenue just before four Friday afternoon, they say is one officer attempted to arrest one of the writers. He was surrounded by other drivers who circled in a threatening manner. One of the A. T. V S is alleged to have run over an officer's legs. Someone else is alleged to have smashed the police cruiser window. Several other officers suffered minor injuries chasing down.

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