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Were lower they were like jumping up and down and getting all excited and everything because they could we go to some of the re but some like i said some of the costumes or really creative were really different you had like a hippie couple of to the characters you had the traditional cartoon characters so you had kinda like everything in between which was coal and then we went to the walk of fame or as we'd like to affectionately call at the celebrities it did you get to see all the celebrities that they have their for dragging come more or less when they're not in panels at again you know i win and comfort road i've been sitting outside for most of the morning i took a nap on the floor during the photos xu because i had nothing to do and i couldn't get so reception so i'm walking around in were all talking and everything and i turned a corner and it's like a see assign in hey look it's pretty keith schemed right next to ricky steamboat is cain doing assign aimed at dragging god and he's they're doing the sliding i just cut alike had to stop for a minute i was like well it was going on and i don't know if it's better or worse the poor man did not have a line that's for sure neither of the really had a line i feel so bad for them because there it's like people would walk up to them you know nisa the people who knew who they were they would walk up to them and they would interact with them but it's like for the most part everybody was kind of ignoring them because obviously this is not their big thing this is the sifi comic conventions so people are there to see the sifi comic stars it's like you know they had robbed paulsen there they had um kevin sorbo there they had a lot of the agents a shield their john behram maiden appearance they had most of the cast of star trek the next generation there they had a lot of different celebrities there so it's people were you know obviously more excited for those than plus excited for the wb talent plus you know at least forty bucks a shot to get an autograph her picture it's kind of expense.

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