President Trump, David Duke, Donald Trump discussed on BBC Newshour


And and have have teamed up with him on on other issues and other policy goals right that socially so you see this as as a distinctive not you in in in in what's going on you think this is has made a difference to his support his elite support base well i was so i don't know if i would say that though i think it remains to be seen whether or not this is actually a turning point in terms of actual support for the president uh you know this is not the first time this has happened you know it's it's you know i you know hearing the president's remarks again in the up to our conversation again it's it's it's sort of stunning again to hear him say these things but he said similar things before during the presidential campaign david duke who is a former klu klux klan leader endorsed donald trump and the president at the time a candidate did not immediately review did not immediately reject that endorsement uh there was another episode where he he took some sort of the internet name for his own twitter account that featured a a star of david and and accused hillary clinton of being the most corrupt can't a candidate ever over a background of 100dollar bills on the campaign had to come out and say no wasn't a star of david it was a sheriff star and so this is not the first time that the president has sort of dance the long that wide of the of dealing in in symbols in language that white supremacist groups often traffic ed uh i would say this is probably the the the clearest out of that but in those previous instances the same sort of thing happened republican leadership republican leaders would come out and be strong in their condemnation of the president and then the storm sorta passes end and they would and they would sorta come back them and work with him again and add be supportive of him again yeah so we'll see okay just frequently on the conservative media they often pick up the the sort of white house talking ports republican talking points have they split ranks on this one in conservative media again it is on a spectrum there have been folks at fox news which is is the the.

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