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As I mentioned earlier. This episode is part of a network wide. Welcome for a brand new radio. Tokyo Show in partnership with overdrive magazine over the road explores the daily life and changing culture of trucking in America. I want you to think about the last time. You took a long drive. You pull onto the freeway and merge into the center lane take a sip of coffee and set the cruise control then around the bend. She the back of a tractor trailer as you come alongside the cab. You can just make out one arm slung over the steering wheel as you look up for just a second. You wonder or sat truck going. What's inside it? And who's that person behind the wheel? Well there's a slight chance that person was me. I've driven a truck for almost forty years. Now there was some help from the good folks at Radio Topi and overdrive magazine. I'm GONNA take long for a ride. I'm long haul. And this is over the road to find out more and subscribe had to over the road dot. Fm.

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