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Be lying to see. This is in. Also, Mark in Danny, you know, kind of saying in Nick Nick has been, you know, I think Nick honestly yelled at us twice the whole year. I'm being like legit twice the whole year. There's a long season only yellow team twice. And I think that's just, you know, Nick, and, you know, Colli in marketing Danny, you know, kinda just everyone's kind of, you know, going out their stand even killed. And actually, we got real professional man. We got some great guys locker room and it all just rubs together, and everyone has everyone has their own personalities but, you know, we figured a way out to just understand what the common goal was. So the warriors once again dollar. They are the underdog in game two. They're getting plus two at the moment. The over under for tonight is two thirteen and a half. And the raptors the favorites tonight in game two, I would will tell you this, Chris, the warriors have won at least one road game straight up and against the spread in the last night. Eighteen series in the playoffs and despite the loss, don't forget, there's still thirty four and five straight up with Steph curry in and Kevin Durant out of a game. You know, the thing that might be lost in the historical aspect of this warriors run is they have been the best road team in a five year span in NBA history. They have to this point thirty road wins in the last five years in the NBA playoffs and finals. That's four more than the next two teams, it was the may two thousand Spurs with twenty six and the eighty nine to ninety three Chicago Bulls. The Jordan bowls at first run great on the road. The warriors have four more road wins in the last five years, then both of those teams they're the best team on the road in NBA history in a five year span and you mentioned that they're a two point underdog in tonight's game. Sixty seven percent of the bets coming in on the warriors and sixty nine percent of the money. Also. On the warriors. So you see the same amount of bets in the same amount of money coming in on the warriors. I believe it seems like the sharps and the public are kind of all on the warriors tonight. Everybody being on the warriors, maybe go rafters. Well, Ken, Ken, the crowd in the hype Kerry the bit players for the raptors game to like, are the threes from green console Ceac Lowry. Are those all gonna fall the way they did in game one? And I think that's what you kind of have to look at yesterday. Klay Thompson had this to say about Steph curry. He was asked about the splash brothers rivalry. They have with each other trying to one up each other in practice all the time. I here's Klay Thompson talking about Steph curry. I mean he's been a great teammate for eight years. Even a better friend, and you root for guys like Steph because he doesn't take any shortcuts. He works extremely hard. He's a family man. And he's just a prime example of what you want your leader to be huge embassador community, and hopefully we can go down as one of the greater back horse ever play. And obviously, it's been a very beneficial partnership for both of us and could imagine playing with any other point guard because we got such a great chemistry. We know each other's favorite spots. We want the ball and yeah, I'm just thankful shit it back court with him because he such a self was amazing, competitor and teammate, so Steph. So there's Klay Thompson talking about South Korea. Did you hear that? Hopefully we can go down as one of the greater back horse ever play. So I asked you, a dollar if you're taking a look at the greatest backwards in NBA history. At this point, what we've seen from the Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson, Seth curry, where do they fall in the category of greatest backwards and all time, some options that I could give you if? If you wanna go way back to the seventies back Jerry West Gail Goodrich from the Lakers. They're both hall of famers. They won the title in nineteen seventy-two won't Frazier and Earl Monroe from the Knicks from seventy one the seventy seven both hall of famers. That won the seventy three title on Magic Johnson Byron Scott from eighty three ninety one three time champs. But magic, obviously the only hall of Famer of that duo, I'd say, Thomas, and Joe Dumars from eighty five to ninety four both are hall of famers. They've won two championships. They made three straight finals appearances Tony Parker. Manu ginobili. That's one of the first ones I thought of four time champions, both will be hall of famers. And obviously the timeframe is weird because man who spent so much of his time as a six man off the bench. But in the early part, he was a starter. So it's kind of iffy on the actual timeframe from they started in oh two. But then it went to like eleven where they're both starters slash question, Mark after that because they. Obviously played beyond that some other names to give you. Chauncey Billups, repayable tin, then you have Michael Jordan, Ron Harper. I guess is what you would have to go with the I don't know, if you're going with ordinance impacts, in Jordan, DJ Armstrong. So John Stockton, and Jeff hornicek. No titles there. Tim Hardaway Mitch Richmond. Clyde drexler. Terry porter. James harden. Chris paul. Do they fit into the equation and then Steph curry, and Klay Thompson three time NBA champs? I think as of right now, it's pretty easy to say that they're both going to make the hall of fame at this point. Yeah. So, where would you stack in Steph curry, and Klay Thompson with the others? I mean I didn't listen I'm not gonna lie here. It's not like I'm watched breaking down the Magic Johnson and Michael Cooper games. Right. So, but you wanna wear. I think that based on their resumes, and the historical aspect. They're still number one. And I think clay and Steph can easily step in, if they find a way to even the series up tonight and go on and win this title, and who I mean, it's not like they're run is gonna end this year. It's not like these guys are retiring. And this is their farewell tour at the end of the year. These guys are going to be around for a while, the warriors are going to find a way to keep these guys in the same back court for a while and keep them in a warriors uniform for a long time. So I only see their stats in their accolades, getting becoming more and more and more. So to me, it's one and two right there. And they could eventually if they do put up the same resume as magic and Michael Cooper, they could eventually take over the number on you're putting Cooper over Scott. I mean I'm going, I'm just looking, I'm looking at a list here. I've got to list here, once his Magic Johnson, and Michael Cooper, and wants his Magic Johnson, and Byron senior choosing Cooper go Byron, Scott. I mean five tiles, eight finals three finals MVP's three MVP's ten time all stars nighttime all NBA, eight time all defense one defensive player of the year. That's, that's for Johnson and Cooper. So I'm gonna go with that over Steph Klay right now. But I can see stuff Klay coming in and beat an when they finish their career being number one for sure I think is AM Joe Dumars probably my number one right now. Okay. Then I would go Johnson sky for the Lakers. And if you want to erase Scott Cooper, whichever you want to go with their I think, that's too, but I think step Claire absolutely three at this point. I think they've moved past Tony Parker manage nobly, even though Manu in Tony have four championships where staffing Klay at this point three we'll take your phone calls three one two three two three seven seven six. Who do you think is the greatest back court in NBA history is at Stephan Klay? We'll talk about it coming up next..

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