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But i do think of darnay homes is experienced. Does give him an inside track at least start out with knowing how the coverages work knowing the language being spoken. That is a real advantage especially when you have to be up to speed right away because again this year they only have three preseason games. You don't have the usual four because that fourth one has gone away and that is a disadvantage for both guys. I think you don't have the opportunities for game situations for the rookies and you also don't have the opportunities for the guy's really trying to claw their way up the depth chart especially in that really important fourth game so i i think it could go either way particularly at the beginning but by the end of the year. I think that's when we'll really be able to see what the giants are thinking going forward. So let's get to the second training camp battle out of the four. We're going to talk about this. One between reggie ragland ragland and take crowder to contribute at linebacker and this one intrigues me. A ton guys because both have different play styles both or different types of linebackers. You talk about raglan. Coming out of alabama. He spent time with a few. Nfl teams and take crowder. Who has only been with the team for a year but more of a coverage linebacker than ragland is so. How do we feel about this. One who we think comes out as the leading man to play you know in that linebacker role in the defense. It's funny 'cause raglan is not known for his coverage and your writing take crowd or maybe more of a coverage linebacker but i wouldn't classify crowder as coverage linebacker because there were several times where heating get the proper depth. He was high load. Didn't seem like he had the situational awareness to realize that there was a backside crossing behind him and it led to huge gains for the opposing offense. We saw one to john hopkins at comes to mind. That was a couple. I think in the cleveland browns game as well so i think that's something that he can certainly improve upon. I think the giants might want him to start and want him to win. That position but wrangling can easily take that because he is a veteran who has been around the league for a little bit and i believe ragland probably offers a little bit more in terms of playing run and stopping the run and just something at the point of attack. Although i will say that week seventeen we saw take crowder to a really good job against dallas cowboys. In that regard crowder could get you know the first kick at the can and then we see him out there. He makes one or two mistakes in coverage doesn't have that spatial awareness and joe. Judge makes that switch. We see rag. I could be very fickle like that. The that's kind of how. I'm coming down on it as well. I think crowder's again his experience in this defense knowing the language knowing pretty much. What's going to happen. Although i it talked about the similarities with georgia defense. If it's similar to georgia's defense also going to have some similarities with alabama's defense because well kirby smart is another nick. Sabin coach and reggie ragland was coached by nick. Sabin i i believe. He was coached by kirby smart. I don't think smart had left alabama four georgia yet. Maybe right i'm gonna check that. Yeah draft in two thousand sixteen. So i think there was some crossover there. Yeah yeah so both guys might actually the now that we think need check on it. There might be a similar level of familiarity with the defense. But i do think crowder beat being a little bit ranger gives the giant. The giants might lean a little bit more. Tha that side just based on how offenses in the nfl are going the way they are weaponized space getting athletes in space getting the ball to them in catch and run opportunities. I think the giants want to have that will linebacker there who can run with running backs who can occupy that those coverage zones and assuming he what nichols talking about he can execute the properly. That is an advantage for the defense. But it's nice to have reggie wranglings..

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