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On tuesday april twenty fourth two thousand eighteen joseph james dangelo seventy two and what sacramento sheriff scott jones called a perfectly executed arrest with taken into custody by local police fbi agents when he stepped outside is citrus high thome a quiet suburb of sacramento the man believed to be the east area rapist also known as the golden state killer the vassilia ransack over the original nights docker and the diamond not killer had finally been captured forty four years after his crime spree began he'd started ransacking over a hundred sacramento area homes in nineteen seventy four he progressed from burglary to rape by nineteen seventysix raping an estimated over fifty california women and girls and he's believed to have killed for the first time in nineteen seventy five killing twelve men and women at least by nineteen eighty six and then after thirteen years of home invasion rape and murder the golden state killer outside of a few possible harassing phone calls to victims many years later just seemingly vanished for over three decades and then less than two months ago a seventy two year old man living with his daughter and granddaughter who recently retired after working for twenty seven years at a save mart supermarket distribution warehouse in roseville woods arrested after dna mashed him to the crime scenes and why did it take so many years to make that dna match will because joseph was never on a shortlist of suspects he was never on a long list of suspects police never came close to catching the sadistic piece of shit for decades and then he was arrested thanks to some very innovative and fascinating detective work investigators uploaded dna from one of the crimes ged match dot com never heard of that website me gd match dot com is similar to ancestry dot com and twenty three and me and sites like that although much less widely known like with a service like twenty three.

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