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Recorded future dot com slash public sector 6 48 traffic and weather on the eights Go to Jo Conway in the W T o P Traffic Center start off in Virginia on the capital Beltway. The adult so's briefly through Alexandria. Delays were easing a bit as you make your way into through local lanes. Really the only probably had reported on the Beltway right now. 66 Going east flows through Manassas towards Centerville, Then again through Vienna out of Fair Oaks. It should be all volume 95 going south. Delays from Newington toward Woodbridge, too. And across the Occoquan with your easy pass things going North George Washington Parkway crashed just reported north bound north of Turkey run heading toward the capital Beltway reported as a rollover crash as responsible as upon scene, you would be at least temporarily stuff sat down right now. You should be okay, but they may have to take one of the South bound lanes, too. Traffic around this potential rollover crash Their 3 95 down jam from the Pentagon heading in toward the district in the district. 3 95 north. The ramp to lower 14th remains blocked for the ongoing traffic control. Same deal on 3 95 North, the ramp to go to the 12th Street Expressway, unavailable 3 95 South Ramp to Main Avenue also blocked off because of the ongoing basically the traffic control for the various Celebrations and other interested parties heading into the district. After today's presidential election results announcement Elsewhere in the district to 95 south, there was a report of delays heading toward East Capitol Street getting better all the time on the trip through the the George Washington Parkway, heading south. Delays from the humpback bridge getting toward the inbound 40 Street bridge early a crash along the Red Creek Parkway was set down near before you get to the exit for P Street. The crews are still with him in in a Maryland to 70 Southdown delays Lee Frederick toward the scales. It should be all volume. Baltimore Washington Parkway South bound jam from 30 too often on toward disregarded. The crash was north out of NASA Goddard with a single lane Getting by your delays North down, Leave the capital Beltway on the Beltway adult delays out of college park to the ongoing road work as you make your way toward New Hampshire Avenue in the northwest branch. You're getting by staying with right on New Hampshire Avenue South bound. The serious crash is South of Luck would drive new crest Haven. We're told the South Down Stretch remains shut down were brought to you by American Military University from the battlefield to the boardroom. American Military University educates those who serve America am You is affordable, attracts top faculty and fits your career goals. Push your mind and you're on mine dot com. I'm Jo Conway told GOP traffic..

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