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If you guys haven't checked this out on social media do myself a favor do yourself a favor head on over to facebook. Instagram twitter linked in. Check out. Both the gs mcc baseball. Podcast as well as the g. S mc podcast network both of those individual pages on each platform one. We'll keep you up to date on everything going on major league baseball and the other will keep you up to date with everything pretty much in the world. Obviously inauguration is happening. So there's a lot to talk about a lot to share with you guys and a ton of things to discuss but if you haven't checked those out yet head over to social media please do so i certainly appreciate it but here in segment number three. We're going to dive into the rest of the moves that have taken place across major league baseball. We obviously discussed the big three in the last segment with trevor bauer. Jt rail mutoko george springer all coming towards the finish line when it comes to deals here but there were a handful of moves made elsewhere as well as a ton of rumors and notes to discuss with you guys but the first one i want to start out with his left handed starting pitcher jose kintana. He signed a one year. Eight million dollar deal with the la angels. According to a source this is pending a physical but seems to be done. This reunites quintana with manager. Joe maddon who managed him from twenty seventeen to twenty nine thousand nine hundred chicago cups. Quintana 's career. Era of three seven three over the course of nine seasons i was an all star. Twenty sixteen so he. He only had one start last year. He was cut short due to a cut or laceration on his left thumb. His pitching thumb during the summer camp or spring training to point out which limited him to ten innings and. That was the first time he had really missed some time. Due to injury because for the seven years prior he had at least thirty starts in over one hundred and seventy innings so for the angels. This was certainly a a welcome asset an attractive quality for quintana because they had trouble basically getting innings from their starting pitcher. They only had one guy last year or in two thousand. Nineteen with last. Full season reached one hundred innings so can figures into a rotation that also includes dylan. Bundy potentially shohei otani. You got griffin canning andrew haney but the angels still could potentially be in on trevor. Bauer like we discussed in. Ultimately you throw bauer quintana bundy and otani and all of a sudden. The angels are certainly a lot better on paper than they were just a year ago. So wait and see if you're an angels fan but it was certainly a nice. I move in an improvement to the rotation to bring in quintana next on the list. Here we have john. Lester lester recently. Signed a one year five million dollar option or excuse me five million dollar contract with a twenty twenty two option for both the nationals lester. It's a mutual option. And i mean this is a solid signing for the nationals. When you look at their rotation they got the top three of scherzer's strasbourg corbin. And then you mix in some john. Lester is the four number five. And that's kind of where he fits at this point of his career. He's kind of coming on the back nine now last couple of years. He's thirty seven years old. He's recently had some velocity drop so he's no longer that front end starter but he is certainly somebody who knows how to pitch and knows how to win has had playoff success both in boston and chicago. So it'll be fascinating to see if he can kind of filter into that four and five slot and potentially watch stats tick up a bit. But when it comes to the velocity talking strictly for seem. I mean all the way back in twenty sixteen. He was at about ninety three miles an hour and this has dropped every year since then to wear. Twenty twenty was the first year. He averaged just under ninety so lester certainly needs to kind of reinvent himself almost for third time here. Work off speed pitches because he's not going to be overpowering anymore with this stuff there in the low nineties high eighties. But it's an interesting kind of projection for him. People have him yara around five based on some fan graphs and things like that but once again in that. Four or five role. When you're coming up behind strasbourg sherzer in corbin. The pressure's a little bit less for less. They're there in washington. So i think that's a good fit for the nationals. As they boost that pitching staff that carried them all the way to the world series not too long ago and twenty nineteen so the national certainly got better as well. We also had a trade to discuss. The pirates traded pitcher joe. Musk grove he was the highlight of the deal to the padres in a three team deal. That sent pitcher. joey luke. Chessy to the mets so the pirates received back pitcher david benner and four minor leaguers notably outfielder. Hudson head. is the one going back to pittsburgh. But must grove is a very underrated talent. I mean and the padres just continue to load up on the rotation. I mean clubbing. You're still out. But all the other additions. They traded for darvish. They traded for snell and how they trade for months grove so they are absolutely going for it and these are the names that continue to be impressive. I mean when you're looking at two. Musk grove compared to some of the other top pitchers in the big leagues. There were only ten starters who had a whiff rate or a swing and miss rate of at least fifty percent on any specific pitch type in twenty twenty now. The minimum here for this graph was twenty five pitches so but there were only two starters who had multiple within that so ten starters but only two of the ten had two different pitches with a whiff rate of at least fifty percent. Those two names number one american league cy young winner shane bieber and number two. You guessed it. Joe must growth of the pittsburgh pirates. Joe had his curveball as well as his slider both above that fifty percent mark so his off speed is certainly extremely above average..

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