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It's just not a fight where the styles make sense. And it's not a fight that anyone is really clamoring for this moment you've got to British fighters in Callum and Billie Joe both titleholders. The win win. That fight would be a unified supermiddleweight champion. Why is that? Not The obvious fights. Make in the fall of twenty twenty. It's also the number one and number two in the super middleweight. Division remembers. Well subbing for the ring magazine Belt and all the that's what I was trying to show you that story. I mean I wasn't trying to save victory over Mannix by lesson before we start talking about ice picks in your eyes you know and that fight may well be made so be careful because and it's one that you'll be broadcasting on your cell phone deserve so wanna come home with ice picks or people attacking you with ice picks when you wait to that fight. 'cause I trouble is it stalemates. Isn't that contest with two variable could fighters and I love Boo Boo. By the way I mean is Is One of the guys. I love the sports Why isn't it being made? Well I think that probably still holding out full. Because there'd be no but the weird thing is billy Joe Saunders Josh Taylor and Ben Davidson rolled trading in Vegas together for the Cinco de Maya fight with canal. It hasn't had to actually be officially announced. Had it even though it was one of the worst kept secrets? In boxing we knew is about to happen. They only started trading so officially. It hasn't been announced his own so maybe officially hasn't even been announced his off. So I it's a very good question. Freddie heard right now that is actually and when we get off this cool. I'm just put a little colon to him. Well it's like if you do Billie Joe versus Android Billy Joel could lose that fight. Very easily like android is a phenomenal boxer. And if Billie Joe Loses it makes the Callum Smith fight almost irrelevant by. You might be able to rehab it over the next year. But we've seen what happens when you wait too long. Amir Khan Brooke should have fought two years ago and and now that fight is almost irrelevant in terms of of establishing any type of top fighter. I if you can do a senior circuit type of of event to be a money. Grab but right. Now you got Billie Joe has his title. Didn't doesn't coming off a great performance. Neither his Count Smith. But I think you have to strike while the iron top because there are way too many examples and you know this way too. Many examples of over marination leading to fights either not happening or becoming far less relevant when they do not agree. And I think I think what we'll see versus if if Bonello into Billy Joe Saunders doesn't go ahead. I think we will see that fight made because it will resonate Brinson and ye could put it on anywhere I mean and again. It's one of those fights the if you had to do in the small hole behind closed doors it would generate interest Certainly in the industry. And maybe you could make it a bit wider than that. There's a natural home for Billy Joe Saunders Count Smith that is Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Where Eddie HEARN LOVES TO PUT ON MEET? Your boxing shows crazy.

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