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Is 90.9, don't you bur Good morning. I'm barbeques positive news on the cove in front the state for the first time in close to a year. Yes, today reported no daily covert 19 deaths. Tufts University epidemiologist sharing their own, says the numbers have fallen before. But she says this time it's different. This isn't just us kind of coming down toward you know where we were saying the fall. This is us looking better in terms of death than we've ever looked during the whole pandemic. There are now fewer than 18,000 Active Corona virus infection statewide, the lowest total in more than six months. More than three million people statewide have been fully vaccinated against Cove in 19, The Centers for Disease Control could decide today whether to approve visors vaccine for Children as young as 12. It won FDA approval earlier this week. No What you bur Steve Brown reports. State officials are already looking for the best ways to get adolescence vaccinated here for weeks. Governor Baker has refused to say how the state plans to distribute vaccines for those under 16 other than to say parents can pre register their kids on the state's vaccine website. But during a panel discussion with President Biden and five other governors, Baker hinted several methods may be used. The biggest thing we is governors have tried to do as pursue a variety of data driven approach is based on what we're hearing from people on the ground and recognizing an understanding that The same approach isn't gonna work in every place and you gotta be willing to be flexible and put a lot of different approaches into the mix to get this time, the governor said. Walk up vaccinations with no appointments might make it easier for young people to get vaccinated. 90.9 w bur. I'm Steve Brown. State lawmakers meet today in constitutional convention. But a highly anticipated constitutional amendment is not expected to come up. Advocates want to question placed on next year's ballot to create a 4% surtax on people who make more than $1 million a year. The similar measure was found to be unconstitutional back in 2018. Lawmakers have not yet said when they might examine the new version of the amendment. A smaller version of the Brimfield flea market opens today for the first time since 2019. The market in the central Mass down of Brimfield says it will be open through Saturday..

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