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But it it made me think and it got me to the point where i got the courage to go and have that conversation about the fact that compensation was important to me and sometimes is just as simple as having that conversation and at least provoking a bigger conversation around that that will hold you in good stead for more insights enable the wall street journal skill on any device with amazon alexa get all of our podcast as well as the latest news and market updates the wall street journal listen ambitiously your listening to secrets of wealthy women from the wall street journal your financial role model you know i would say that they're they're lots of great actually a lots of great research analysts that i've fouled over the years in specific industries that i think have made great call so i'd say they're probably mole more of my role model then than anybody else because they have invested consistently which is what have put them to the top of their class in their respective industry so i think about people like chuck phillips said mary meeker neither of which are no longer cell said endless on the street but i really admired the two of them among some of the other morris they're great morris down a endless that i've seen over the years what age did you start investing probably twenty seven twenty eight before i made my first investment i had been on wall street for a couple of years before i actually started dabbling.

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