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Storytelling. But there is one that that reconsign up with the poetry. So there's a you can look at our schedule. Again, at Evanston lit that Oregon trend and see the kinds of different things. People might be interested in to take you have to do to hear a lot of the really interesting kinds of authors poets who are around Chicago area. Now, you've got a lot of different venues for this. Do we need a car or are these venues? I'm not that familiar with some of these locations are these close enough that you could do a walking tour or is this a driving kind of thing if you wanna hit several of these spots. Most of the events around downtown Evanston, which is right right at the David stop of the purple line. So you don't need to have a car. You can there's some of these are in mainstream little south some of them are at some of the events are Northwestern University. But you can you can come to all these things you can drive you can take public transportation you can walk around with some of the other different events. So there's a lot of different ways to get here. It's not it's not that difficult to get to have. It's really close to Chicago. I know a lot of people in Chicago don't don't ever make it up. But this is a great excuse to to come up and experience. The kinds of things you can get an Evans says was go to there's a lot of great shops and restaurants around Evanston. You know? I I have to confess when I lived downtown as I did for many years. I really thought that the world's stopped at the Chicago borders, and and Evanston and Skokie and places like that seemed like like and Montana and for the last ten years or so I've lived in on northern suburbs. And I realized how stupid that was a no I mean, even if you live right downtown. I mean to make to Evanston is what twenty minutes. I mean. It's just it's just crazy. It's it's so excessive oil and Evanston is such a such a delightful town has so much to offer end it it really is. I mean, like, you're right. If there's a metre stop right there. You can get off the metre and. And walk all around it is. And there's some great restaurants. Are are you? Are you teaming up with anybody? As far as feeding these people. We're we're not TV of with any with any particular restaurants. We are doing event with Hyun, which is a very well known bakery in Evanston, that has a cookbook that just came out. So they'll be doing an event on on may eleventh as well at at booked, and so that's a great place to to go to for for some for bakery items as well as getting the cookbook, but we're not doing anything in particular with that. But there's a lot of choices where you can go in Evanston to find some find a great place to eat. I've got to take a quick break. If you could hang on for just a second. I wanna talk to you when we come back about, you know, an event like this sometimes most people would want to play it down the middle and not get involved, but there's a real political aspect to this. Not just in the kind of books and authors who are going to be there. But, you know, your whole idea of doing this in evening to talk about immigration. I want to talk to you about the the thinking behind that let me take a quick break. And I will be back with John Wilson. After this. Have you given up on your wellness goals stubborn weight and belly fat is a symptom of poor health? Not the 'cause you're operating on a myth, Dr Meena malheur Tra a national speaker and medical wellness expert would like to share her secrets on permanent weight loss and abundant health in an upcoming free. One hour seminar, overweight is not a disease. It's a symptom of diminished health, which includes hormonal imbalances. Those imbalances can affect your sexual vitality sleep cycle, carbohydrate.

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