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Utah might legalize marijuana. So a state lawmaker went to Nevada to research. We'd. What else what he learned his tests that those four days ago, he hasn't come back. If you're just joining us Joe called for ending the Catholic church. We got this not exactly correct text. The Catholic church will either die or continue to harbor molester. Priests. Nothing will change Catholicism doesn't die of money starvation. Sure. Looks that way. Decades to try to get their arms around this. And it doesn't look like they've made any effort or advancement whatsoever. And a lot of areas. Well, that might overstated, but I see your point. I mean, we're looking at their bar people trying but they're not nearly enough. And they're not nearly powerful enough. It's it's sickening. I think I'm in a pretty good place to talk about this too. Because I have a great deal of sympathy for not only Christianity, but the Catholic church, but I just I don't know I've seen enough of these things enough of examples of corrupt institutions that vow to turn it around. But once you get a sense of how far the corruption goes in how high you get a sense of whether they're capable of doing it for themselves or not just I'm not very optimistic about the Catholic church. More texts. Are you wanna move on move on? All right. Got a couple of things for you. Number one. No matter what you think of what's causing it to the world's getting a little bit warmer. And the only reason I point that out is there now way more ticks in way, more places than there used to be like your arm much of show. For much more of the year. And you know, I could go into detail. But what's the point e you're out in nature? You're not tall grass. You're in the woods. Whatever check yourself in your your pet for ticks on your moist regions Lord. It's all about Lyme disease or a lot of it's about Lyme disease, which can fix her gross Mayo's long-term symptoms like fatigue joint pain, arthritis facial paralysis neurological disorders if left untreated ticks, her gross. The whole borough in Indian second blood out now just ain't that cool. Yeah, we have an instinctive loathing of them, and it's good. But so Texan, Lyme disease are a growing problem. Just beware of check yourself. Check yourself. And then this. Seattle's minimum wage increase experiment. What effect did it have now depending on how you come at this thing, we tend to assume they're from behind with tuna candidates. Like, some sort of combative stripper male excellent callback. Where to go Plum smuggler? Two types of low wage workers. One is scrappy, but unskilled looking to get on the first wrung of the economic ladder. Once they get that first job. They'll eventually learn new skills and get raises economists and policymakers who believe this because it's clearly true contend that big minimum wage increases are harmful because some aspiring workers won't get jobs. And we'll miss that first opportunity to enter the job market is unquestionably chewed is one hundred percent true. The other type of people stuck in a trap of low wage work for these workers the system is stacked against them. They will never earn more than the minimum wage therefore, some policymakers believe we should increase wages because it will reduce their province poverty. That is one hundred percent true. There are people like that. And that's sad. And pathetic in the true sense of the word, it causes me sadness. Although you cannot design an economic system know and the jobs that they get to work could go away. And then there won't be very many of them around. Exactly. Yeah. I indeed you. Jumped ahead a little bit there. But that's absolutely true pe- employers will decide well, then we're not going to have anybody. Do it. We're going to get a machine they're expensive. But they're less expensive than paying a person. I'm going to be kind here a person who has no skills and shows no signs that they can ever develop any skill. And this particular person you're talking about has no skills and is not going to get any right? But to the point the Seattle city council vote in two thousand fourteen to increase the minimum wage fifteen bucks over three year period. Researchers at the university Washington New York university in Amazon studied the effects on twenty-five thousand low wage workers going to summarize because we don't have a lot of time. But they released a paper you're going. They just updated it. They estimated the wage increase nine for is it harmed low skill workers. Most. Yeah. I don't doubt that they some low wage workers did benefit, but the researchers estimate that low wages went up more in Seattle than the counties that didn't increase wages, but they also noticed a drop in hours worked some workers still came out ahead working fewer hours, but at a slightly higher hourly wage to make up for it. Those tended to be more experienced workers with more time on the job less. Experienced workers were more likely to end up with lower earnings overall or with no gains. The economists also look at rates of entry or how many people who did not work before and have no skills entered the labor market following the wage increase the estimate right after the minimum wage went up entry rates flattened, and eventually fell as the minimum wage went up further suggesting less experienced workers were offered fewer opportunities for work. And if you start a minimum wage job in a year or two later,.

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