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Hours a day in Marlboro cigarettes. You look at all the money they spend at Disneyland Disneyworld Net flicks this stuff like that. And they skin in the game and it's getting the game. That's that's why they're switching from the Disney channel to lewd and that flakes and all this but once you take skin out of the game like like the small examples where the smallest co payment like five percent. And they'll say man I'm getting my hip done and it's seventy five thousand in Chicago and I got a five percent co payment but it's only forty thousand in in a Parsons Kansas and that's where my sister lives so I'm going to drive from Chicago and go stay with my sister to go from seventy five thousand dollar to a forty eight thousand hip. Yep and that's all because of a five percent copayment so when you when you basically if you think something should be free you are mathematically semantically completely out of your mind and you're gonNA take five thousand years of recorded history and just flush it down the toilet that is how disconnected from reality. Not You are. If you think any resource should be Free and and and the same people that are saying healthier should be free than than the turn out and say there it should be a carbon tax. It's like make up your mind man. You sound like you're a schizophrenic. But what are you excited. Today is relates leads to health care or or just life in general dentistry you're on Dentistry uncensored it was an honor to get you to come on the show known each other for a long time. What's got you excited about dentistry? Day what made you WANNA come on. Dentistry incentives actually. What's GonNa be excited today is dentistry? It's actually good at this better than regular. The Standard Healthcare overarching healthcare is and that's looking at prevention. You know think about it as a child I remember from the time I was the smallest I remember going to see a dentist and talking about preventative. Care and I think it's because the reason why the Paradigm Rhode Island Dentistry is so focused on prevention compared to the rest of healthcare which is very much in care right. It's because I think it's a cash pay market and because it's a cash free market market you've got a balance between. Hey I've got skin in the game. I don't WanNA basically you have to pay for this so and I don't WanNa go through the pain of this. We've all experienced tooth aches and abscesses and whatnot the root canals at some point in time or another. And so I'm going to take care of my teeth and I'm GonNa go see my dentist. You know every six months Johnson. I'm going to get a cleaning done. I'M GONNA floss. Daily thinking about how much effort goes into dental care prevention right compared to healthcare prevention mentioned. We don't even do it. We don't even I mean what are we really do for healthcare prevention. Let's be real and you know maybe we talk about Diet and exercise in those types of things but I think so much broader than that so one of the the more recent companies that That I founded which is called out it was out of concierge. Health has a product product called access. Elite accessibly is a program that includes all healthcare providers on a on a wellness as well as a standard healthcare platform. So you have everything you can have access there. It's on demand access to top dentists medical specialists but also wellness specialist was to and we've been out selling this to corporations in it's going extremely well We we launched it in Orange County California. We have about thirty companies on that and and it's very much a platform that's oriented around prevention and preventative maintenance in general so that we're not treating sick care and that's the only paradigm of healthcare. I mean think about it if all of a sudden every single time doctors can make money is based on people being sick. Is that really a good way to be trying to focus a healthy population on staying in remaining healthy. I mean if I'm a doctor is of course. I think it's a great thing to want to help. People get better from when they're sick and when they're ill but if it's a becomes a perennial part of who they are that. Were constantly early all on so many medications so sick all the time and we've got to be fixed and given another medication to be fixed. That's not exactly a good paradigm healthier look at China in China as an example China has had their traditional Chinese medicine thing for a long time in China. You pay the doctor when you're well and if you you get sick you stop paying. The doctor is exactly the opposite approach. Because the doctor didn't keep you well so now there's obviously a part of it. That's the patients are or do. But this is a completely different paradigms where you're paying the doctor on a wellness basis and I think that this is a trend that I think is a very interesting resting very exciting so that healthcare is not just one of sick care but more about prevention and I believe that dentistry already leader in that in that way because because it has has been forced to be that way because there is a responsibility there is a responsibility on the part of the patient to ensure their own health success. So if you go to Access access elite. Now I love I love it too where you just enter your phone number and then you send the link to download the APP right to the phone. So I've got the access elite on the phone by by the way that you're the only person that I've seen that does it on a site but what what is this Acsi lead in and I'm so obviously you have have an APP I can't believe Delta dental has been out since near they started as the Longshoremen's Club Union of dental benefits nineteen forty eight when there are stupid government pass a law that Wage freezes then the violent unions that go all the way back to the Bolsheviks I well we. It's against the law to ask for more money. So they started Shakin shaken down for whatever they could and they didn't pick housing and cars and gas and coal. They just picked dental and started with that. But I can't believe it every every single day someone comes in. Do you have insurance. Yeah and they got a piece of paper. I gotTa have someone call. I got a call them and I mean they're just so ignorant. I mean jobs. This came out with that APP and the smartphone. Two thousand seven. It's twenty twenty you have an APP Delta. Dental and every dental insurance doesn't have an APP to verify Arafat claims. I Wou I wish you would just go into that business. Really your mathematician. I wish you would start a universal APP. So that obamacare that was so depressing about bombing Gary Scenarios Unaffordable. It's like dude. Thirty percent of the cost is shoveling paper back and forth and they're on four thousand one hundred thirty three three different practice manage offer systems just in hospitals like dude dude. Fix any of that and it's all verbal but anyway talk about download. Download your APP. What is on your access light asked us? Elite is a is a program. And I'll tell you where it came from. Why why I had the idea to start? This program A few years back and it's because I had to go see a urologist and I have a concierge doctor. That's my my general practitioner. Sort of a primary care doctor and I have a relationship with him the reason why pay him. This concierge fee is because I want to be able to see him on a moment's notice because I travel apple a lot and it's not that expensive and it's worth it used to work at UCI University California Irvine and and then when he left out of there he sent me a letter and a few other patients he said. Look you know you can do it. Retain with me. I can only take four hundred patients and I was like jamming my credit card doing so I could get him on the retainer. Because I didn't want to lose it now now when I had to go see a specialist. There's no more concierge service right and I want I had high. PSA guys hearing about all my illness the high BSA level. And so I said you need to see urologists so I said well when win How hard is it to get in to see a urologist? Recommend he says well you can shop around but I recommend this guy at UCI and he's a really top urologists. So I try to get an appointment with this person. It was a thirteen week. Wait while if hype. PSA level you know there could be a prostate cancer issue dot note thankfully but. I didn't WanNa wait thirteen weeks weeks. That seems like an awful long time to go to see a specialist. I started looking up other specialists. That were urologist and all of them were quoting like twelve. Thirteen week wait times rides. I thought this is messed up. There needs to be a concierge on demand service that includes all the specialists so that I can go and also I wanted to include clued We expanded to include wellness and so it includes all kinds of stuff on there. If if your wife has a baby needed deloitte we can have one sent to your house if your company Avenue had a party the night before. They all night the next morning then we can send that to your company office and it's all part of this platform. We have five hundred providers now on the platform. Warm across traditional healthcare. All specialties. So in top cardiologists neurologists. You name it we got even psychiatry and everything on the platform And so we thought well we really need this kind of program for all of your healthcare needs and by the way one of the things I ate it was every time I go to a doctor's. There's office I'd have to fill out all the same prep-work until the last doctor's office right and that's a pain in the ass so I thought well why can't we just put your whole health history onto the Yep and then the office can download that right and we'll do it all in a hypocrite platform so that there's no issues with hip and and there's another example like the government. You know they always come up to you. The baseball bat they break your leg and then they steal your wallet till it take half the money in taxes and say oh we went to help you get a wheelchair church Wiltshire. 'cause you break this hip thing this hip a- thing I mean you know i. It should be right now that I go to the doctor they take an x Ray. He could give it to me on my smartphone and if I wanted to have a radiologist from anywhere around the world the best available. Maybe it's ten o'clock on Friday night and Some radiologists geologist's from India wants to read it. But oh no your buddy you know the buddy the government to kill six out of a one hundred people for five thousand years and shakes down for all so you're Taxes and all this stuff they pass laws so that I can have this done. I talk about Osha. I mean ever ever since they had all this Look like you're in California right now right though. Sandiego was the tuna fish capital of the world. And Everybody Tuna Fish Sarah then then the good old government decided Career metal that they didn't like it it was it was not Environmental friendly and it was dirty and all this so they regulated died so now the whole industry love San Diego museums the birth of San Diego. But did anyone in California stop eating Tuna Fish Ono. They just they just now get it from Asia. And they've done this from nineteen eighty when I got out of high school today. Fifty million jobs have been regulated to Asia from your good old buddy The the good old government and I just hope these kids can learn to read free to choose by Milton. Friedman read Misa Concil reality for money given there but Ford one setback. Whenever I hear Bernie opened his mouth.

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