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I i agree that why are we having closed dodd that's a good point what what's the point of it if they're going to only make of only going to release selectively that which they think benefits them then i think love release everything that the one refreshing thing about yesterday in the president letting the cameras in a listen in so to speak in this conversation about immigration is in know we gave us an opportunity to go behind closed doors and see what goes on there and i think it keeps them more honest and i think all these closeddoor hearings in in old back door legislation and all the deals it's sorta like you know i guess if we saw how the sausage was made we'd never ate the sausage but um it would certainly awakened people to what really goes on in government i think that would be a good thing uh read is in salem oregon next on the sean hannity show what's up breed are you hear it how are you i'm good sir hey i wanted to get your take on giving all we know about the russian investigation now and the involvement of of hill marie colmey obama all of them how important was it for them to get sessions to recuse himself from this investigation the matt of it so they could stay in your hands or or rosen skiing and and the bigger question who told those senators in those confirmation hearings that it was important push that if i don't know the answer i will say this i think that none of this exists is senator sessions never recused themselves and i think i'd made it honestly matz might take all right i appreciate you being with us eight hundred nine four one sean is our toll free telephone number you wanna be a part of the program all right so back in 2010 yes you're federal government they took over the student loan industry wouldn't you know it.

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